The Huntress

By Kate Quinn - Published 2019


Ian Graham and Nina Markova are different from other people in their post-WWII world. In her words: “You – in war you hunt stories, ...Read Review

The Wolf and the Watchman

By Niklas Natt och Dag - Published 2019



The year is 1793. In Stockholm, Sweden, a body is discovered in Larder Lake. Cecil Winge, a former prosecuting attorney suffering from consumption and ...Read Review

The Widows

By Jess Montgomery - Published 2019


It is 1925 when we meet Lily Ross as she is cleaning out a jail cell in preparation for the new prisoner her husband ...Read Review

The Lily of the West

By Kathleen Morris - Published 2019


Biographical FictionWestern

Kathleen Morris attempts to fill a gap in Old West lore with her novel of Mary Katherine Haroney, better known as “Big Nose ...Read Review

The Healer’s Daughter

By Charlotte Hinger - Published 2019



Bethany Herbert, the daughter of a famous healer named Queen Bee, leaves Kentucky for Nicodemus, Kansas, a town formed so that only black ...Read Review

Inventing Victoria

By Tonya Bolden - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Essie’s life with her mother and “aunties” in the saltbox house on Minis Street is tough, with “uncles” coming and going at ...Read Review


By Bonnie Hobbs - Published 2019



Her name was Molly. “Just Molly. The other name is Pa’s and I don’t want it.” She lies on a bed ...Read Review

A Murderous Marriage (A Lady and Lady’s Maid Mystery)

By Alyssa Maxwell - Published 2019



Photo-beautiful Julia Renshaw is set to wed businessman Gilbert Townsend on the Isle of Wight in the spring of 1920. Julia’s family estate ...Read Review

The Murder Pit (An Arrowood Mystery)

By Mick Finlay - Published 2019



London, 1896: Private detective William Arrowood detests his famous contemporary, Sherlock Holmes. Unlike the upper-class society that favors Holmes, Arrowood’s turf is the ...Read Review

Woman 99

By Greer Macallister - Published 2019


When Charlotte Smith’s bipolar sister Phoebe is committed by their parents to the Goldengrove Home for the Curable Insane because of something ...Read Review