Tomorrow’s Bread

By Anna Jean Mayhew - Published 2019


The black neighborhood of Brooklyn in Charlotte, North Carolina, has received a death sentence from city planners. Its churches, restaurants, schools, theaters, and ...Read Review

Friends Call Me Bat (Five Star Western)

By Paul Colt - Published 2019



In 1919, William Barclay “Bat” Masterson is a slightly plump, older, gray-haired NYC sportswriter who covers boxing. Bat is sought out by younger newsman ...Read Review

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Undead Client: Being Book One of the Unpublished Case Files of John H. Watson, M.D.

By MJ Downing - Published 2019



Whitechapel, 1888. You know what’s coming next—but you don’t expect Sherlock Holmes to be involved. That’s the twist in this ...Read Review

The Road Beyond Ruin

By Gemma Liviero - Published 2019


Germany’s surrender to the Allies in May 1945 ended World War II, but Europe’s suffering is scarcely abated. Stefano, a scarred Italian ...Read Review

Duchess by Deception (Gilded Book 1)

By Marie Force - Published 2019



1902. Although he must marry by his fast-approaching thirtieth birthday or lose his title, Derek Eagan, the Duke of Westwood, finds the current crop ...Read Review

Tender Hope (Cimarron Creek Trilogy)

By Amanda Cabot - Published 2019



A Tender Hope is the third book in the Cimarron Creek Trilogy, an American West series set in Cimarron Creek, Texas in the ...Read Review

Courting Mr. Lincoln: A Novel

By Louis Bayard - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Two visitors arrive in Springfield, Illinois, in 1839: an aristocratic Kentucky belle with politics in her lineage, and a backwoods lawyer, Kentuckian by birth, ...Read Review

The Hundred Wells of Salaga

By Ayesha Harruna Attah - Published 2018Published 2019



Near the end of the 19th century, as transatlantic slavery has been essentially abolished, internal slavery persists in Ghana. Two quite different young ...Read Review

Leading Men

By Christopher Castellani - Published 2019


Biographical FictionLiterary

Leading Men achieves what historical fiction does best. Taking the spotlight from the famous protagonists in history, the novel projects its luminous beam ...Read Review

Devices and Desires: Bess of Hardwick and the Building of Elizabethan England

By Kate Hubbard - Published 2018Published 2019



Devices and Desires explores the life of Bess of Hardwick and of her great building projects, especially the still-extant Hardwick Hall. It is ...Read Review