The Red Address Book

By Sofia Lundberg - Published 2019


Doris, now 96 years old and living alone in her Stockholm apartment, treasures the red address book given to her by her father in 1928. ...Read Review

The Secrets of Paper and Ink

By Lindsay Harrel - Published 2019



American Sophia Barrett, a domestic violence counselor, discovers returning to work is too painful even after a year has passed since her fiancé’...Read Review

The Paragon Hotel

By Lyndsay Faye - Published 2019


It’s 1921 during Prohibition, and “Nobody” Alice James is trying to get as far as possible from her previous life as a gun ...Read Review

The Beautiful Strangers

By Camille Di Maio - Published 2019


A woman’s quest to fulfill her grandfather’s wishes leads her on the adventure of a lifetime. The year is 1958, and Kate ...Read Review

The Syndicate

By Guy Bolton - Published 2018Published 2019



This is a sequel to the author’s 2017 novel The Pictures, reviewed in HNR issue 80. It is the United States in the summer ...Read Review

The Lost Daughter

By Sylvia Broady - Published 2018Published 2019


Set in Hull, East Yorkshire, in 1930, Broady tells the story of Alice Goddard, a woman fleeing domestic violence at the hands of her ...Read Review

A Sea of Gold: Thomas Kydd 21

By Julian Stockwin - Published 2019



Set in 1809, this is the latest in the Thomas Kydd series, with Thomas as the captain of the frigate, HMS Tyger. Wellesley, the ...Read Review

The Hangman’s Secret: A Victorian Mystery

By Laura Joh Rowland - Published 2019



Sara Bain returns in Rowland’s third installment of her Victorian Mystery series (after A Mortal Likeness), and this time Sara and her ...Read Review

A Gentlewoman’s Guide to Murder

By Victoria Hamilton - Published 2019



Miss Emmeline St. Germaine, known to her friends as ‘The Avengeress,’ has been rescuing small girls, servants in homes of the wealthy, who ...Read Review

Snake Oil: It All Comes Around

By Marcus Galloway - Published 2019



Not much goes unnoticed in the 1878 Dakota Territories mining camp, especially not the arrival of that brightly-painted wagon of itinerant “snake oil” salesman ...Read Review