HNR Issue 89 (August 2019)

The Falling Sword (Clash of Empires)

By Ben Kane - Published 2019



198 BC. The wolves of Macedon and Rome are circling, and the prize is Greece. Once a league of proud and independent city-states, Greece ...Read Review

Rocket Man: The Mercury Adventure of John Glenn

By Ruth Ashby - Published 2019


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

In 1961, the Soviet Union was winning the Space Race; having sent a man into orbit before the US had even sent a man ...Read Review


By Nicola Harrison - Published 2019


Set in the summer of 1938, Montauk recalls the days when well-to-do New Yorkers left the city’s heat and summered on Long Island ...Read Review

The Long Flight Home

By A.L. Hlad - By Alan Hlad - Published 2019


In September 1940, England’s war with Germany is a year old. France has surrendered, British soldiers evacuated from Dunkirk in June, and in ...Read Review

Memoirs of a Traitor

By Lee R Levin - Published 2018


Biographical FictionMiliary

Presented as a found document, Memoirs of a Traitor is the story of William Stanley, knight, younger brother of Lord Thomas Stanley. These ...Read Review

Mrs Mohr Goes Missing

By Antonia Lloyd-Jones (trans.) - By Maryla Szymiczkowa - Published 2019



Cracow, 1893: Zofia Turbotyńska, aged 40 and childless, strives to advance herself in local society. She is married to a medical professor, Ignacy, who ...Read Review

Emmie and the Tudor King (Hearts and Crowns Book One)

By Natalie Murray - Published 2019


Children/Young AdultTime-slip

A month before senior year ends, Emmie’s history teacher assigns a paper about a Tudor King named Nicholas the First, known as ...Read Review

Murder Knocks Twice (Speakeasy Mysteries)

By Susanna Calkins - Published 2019



January 1929. While the Chicago winter rages outside, the atmosphere heats up at the Third Door, the speakeasy where Gina Ricci, heroine of this ...Read Review

Little Zinnobers

By Carol Ermakova (trans.) - By Elena Chizhova - Published 2019



Little Zinnobers is not an easy read and presents many challenges, especially to an English-speaking readership. Even the title is problematic, coming from ...Read Review

Race to Marathon

By Jay Greenwood - Published 2018



After word arrives that hundreds of Persian ships are on course to land at the Bay of Marathon, the fewer Athenians scramble to ...Read Review