Alan Hlad

The Book Spy

By Alan Hlad - Published 2023


Based on the true stories of librarians who worked as spies during WWII, The Book Spy details the mission of Maria Alves to ...Read Review

A Light Beyond the Trenches

By Alan Hlad - Published 2022



In 1915 the first chemical weapons attack, loosed by the German Army at Ypres, injures German soldiers in a case of “friendly fire,” and ...Read Review

Churchill’s Secret Messenger

By Alan Hlad - Published 2021


Rose Teasdale is a typist in Room 60 deep beneath the Treasury building in London. When her supervisor comes to the room with a ...Read Review

The Long Flight Home

By A.L. Hlad - By Alan Hlad - Published 2019


In September 1940, England’s war with Germany is a year old. France has surrendered, British soldiers evacuated from Dunkirk in June, and in ...Read Review