17th Century

The Devil’s Slave (Frances Gorges Historical Trilogy)

By Tracy Borman - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

In 17th-century England, misogyny, lust, and religious bigotry drive most of King James I/VI’s decisions, according to Tracy Borman, who continues ...Read Review

The Glass Woman

By Caroline Lea - Published 2019


Rósa Magnusdottir’s mother is ill, hungry and coughing away in the chill and mud of their croft in a late 17th-century ...Read Review

Cromwell’s Women

By Julian Whitehead - Published 2019



The cover of Cromwell‘s Women features a Victorian painting of Cromwell’s mother and wife begging him to spare the life of ...Read Review

Elizabeth of Bohemia: A Novel about Elizabeth Stuart, the Winter Queen

By David Elias - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of James I of England, narrates her own story in Elias’s wide-ranging novel. Her life encompasses many seismic events, ...Read Review

By Force of Circumstance (Chosen Man Trilogy)

By J.G. Harlond - Published 2019


In 1644, after two years of Civil War, the exiled Queen Henrietta Maria plans to pawn the English Crown Jewels to aid the Royalist ...Read Review

The Earl in Black Armor

By Nancy Blanton - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Ireland, 1635. Faolán Burke is ordered to Dublin Castle by his clan chief to spy on the English Lord Deputy, Thomas Wentworth. Wentworth ...Read Review

Leo, Dog of the Sea (Dog Chronicles)

By Alison Hart - Published 2017


Children/Young AdultNautical

Spunky little terrier Leo has been at sea for many voyages during Spain’s Age of Discovery in the early 16th century. Leo ...Read Review

The Ghosting of Anne Armstrong

By Michael Cawood Green - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Want to entertain yourself with “Ghosting Through: Ficto-Critical Translation as a Means of Resisting the Appropriations of History and Place”? Nah, me either – ...Read Review

The King’s Evil

By Andrew Taylor - Published 2019



London, 1667: A body is discovered drowned in a well on Lord Clarendon’s property. Clarendon, a close advisor of King Charles II, has ...Read Review

The Chocolate Maker’s Wife

By Karen Brooks - Published 2019


Fate literally smacks pretty Rosamund Tomkins in the head as she flees her abusive stepfamily and drab life as a tavern wench in ...Read Review