17th Century

Deliver Me From Evil

By T.G. Stanton - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Some people become fascinated with a period or a person and convert this passion into a project of love. This is true for ...Read Review

The Fall of a Sparrow

By Dan Scannell - Published 2018


Numerous theories exist regarding the authorship of William Shakespeare’s plays and poems. Contemporary historian Michael Devon finds a journal written by Henry ...Read Review

The Golden Shore: (A Scandalous Life Book 3)

By Jo Ann Butler - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

In this third book of the Scandalous Life series, set in 1662 Rhode Island, Herodias (Herod) Long has been cohabitating with George Gardner for ...Read Review

The Angel in the Glass (A Gabriel Taverner Mystery Book 2)

By Alys Clare - Published 2018



Gabriel Taverner, an early 17th-century physician, looks after more than just the physical well-being of his small West Country village. When a homeless ...Read Review

The Driver’s Wife

By S.K. Keogh - Published 2018


In 1693, former sailor Edward Ketch works for his former captain, a onetime pirate, Jack Mallory, and his wife, Maria, on a rice plantation ...Read Review

A Plague on Mr Pepys

By Deborah Swift - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Bess Bagwell is headstrong and determined to make the most of her life and put the past—poverty, abuse, and hunger—behind her ...Read Review

Sacred Music

By Felicity Luckman - Published 2017



At a time of huge divisions and distrust between Protestantism and Catholicism, Francis Trenowith, heir to an earldom, falls in love with the ...Read Review

By Love Divided

By Elizabeth St. John - Published 2017



This is the second book in the Lydiard Chronicles, covering the years 1630-1646 and the English Civil War. It immediately follows the first ...Read Review

Minding the Light

By Suzanne Woods Fisher - Published 2018



In this novel of Nantucket life in the 17th century, author Suzanne Woods Fisher fashions a realistic and quiet tale of Daphne Coffin, ...Read Review

The Shakespeare Conspiracy

By Sandra Hochman - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Imagine that William Shakespeare had a wife who was beside him every day from the time he arrived in London until his death. ...Read Review