17th Century


By Daniel Kehlmann - Published 2020



Tyll Ulenspiegel was a German jester and trickster, and legend places his death in 1350. In this novel the German author Daniel Kehlmann has ...Read Review

Trailing the Hunter: A Novel of Misconception, Truth, and Love

By Heidi Eljarbo - Published 2019


Norway, 1661. Clara has been tracking notorious witch-hunter Angus Hill, hoping to stop his murderous accusations of witchcraft that have already left many innocent ...Read Review

Mistress Yale’s Diaries, The Glorious Return (The Yale Trilogy)

By David Ebsworth - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

On her return from Madras, Catherine Yale continues her diary recording the events, politics and people of 1690s London. Her husband, Elihu Yale, ...Read Review

Charity’s Choice

By Alexine Crawford - Published 2019



The English Civil War has yet to be won or lost, and while King Charles I is secure on the Isle of Wight ...Read Review

Fiona of Kinsale: A Tale of Irish Love, Battles and Secrets

By Antoinette Berthelotte - Published 2019


Fiona Gearaghty is growing up in Kinsale as Spain’s last Armada comes into port. Though she weds Thomas Lydon to conceal a ...Read Review

Blood’s Campaign

By Angus Donald - Published 2019



In this third volume of the series, Holcroft Blood, on the Williamite Campaign in Ireland in 1689-1690, is ready to unleash cannons on ...Read Review


By John Harvey - Published 2019



As a postgraduate student more than three decades ago I had reason to be grateful to Dr. Harvey for his Victorian Novelists and ...Read Review

The Honourable Life of Thomas Chayne

By Cynthia Jefferies - Published 2019


Thomas Chayne is the eponymous narrator of this story, set in England in the troublesome first half of the 17th century. He is ...Read Review

Reunited at the King’s Court (Harlequin Historical: English Civil War)

By Helen Dickson - Published 2019



Reunited at the King’s Court has an intriguing setting — the very start of Restoration England, as the newly anointed Charles II reclaims ...Read Review

The Sorcerer’s Whore

By Samantha Grosser - Published 2019


Toby Chyrche has little in the way of legacy from his father, except for a book in a language he cannot understand and ...Read Review