17th Century

Painter to the King

By Amy Sackville - Published 2018


Biographical FictionLiterary

In 1622, the artist Diego Velázquez was summoned to Madrid to paint King Philip IV and his courtiers. He remained a member of ...Read Review

The Queen’s Promise

By Brenda Rickman Vantrease - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Vantrease’s long-awaited return to the historical fiction scene showcases her painstaking attention to characterization and period atmosphere. Opening with a prologue depicting ...Read Review

Lord of Formosa

By Joyce Bergvelt - Published 2017


This story moves between the new Dutch colony on Formosa (Taiwan), and China, as the invading Manchus destroy the Ming dynasty. Koxinga, the ...Read Review

The Judge Hunter

By Christopher Buckley - Published 2018



Balthasar de St. Michel (Balty) is the shiftless brother-in-law of Samuel Pepys and is sent off by him to the American colonies under ...Read Review

The Coffin Path

By Katherine Clements - Published 2018


The Coffin Path is a gothic historical novel, reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier and as good as Sarah Waters. It is set in ...Read Review

The Glovemaker’s Daughter

By Leah Fleming - Published 2018


The novel opens with an account of the persecution of Quakers in 17th-century England, set out in the journal of Rejoice (or Joy) ...Read Review

The Poison Bed

By Elizabeth Fremantle - Published 2018



At the heart of one of the most notorious murder cases in the reign of James I lurks the ultimate Jacobean power couple: ...Read Review


By David Hingley - Published 2018



Mercia Blakewood has returned to England, having successfully concluded her assignment in New York on behalf of King Charles the Second. Surely now ...Read Review

Doubting Thomas

By Heather Richardson - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

On 8 January 1697, a young student at Edinburgh University, 20-year-old Thomas Aikenhead, was executed for blasphemy. This was the last execution in Britain for ...Read Review

The Fire Court

By Andrew Taylor - Published 2018



In this sequel to The Ashes of London, Taylor returns to London, rebuilding after the 1666 fire that destroyed much of the city. James ...Read Review

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