17th Century

A Well-Earned Death (A John Grey Historical Mystery)

By L.C. Tyler - Published 2023



The ninth book in Tyler’s crime series featuring former spy, now magistrate, John Grey. This novel opens with a suspenseful description of ...Read Review

Rain Dodging: A Scholar’s Romp through Britain in Search of a Stuart Queen

By Susan J. Godwin - Published 2023



This is a wonderfully absorbing and surprisingly entertaining account of Susan Godwin’s sojourn in Oxford and England to study the coterie of ...Read Review

The Phoenix Bride

By Natasha Siegel - Published 2024


Cecilia Thorowgood and her adored husband travel to London in 1665 to visit her sister Margaret and husband Lord Eden. But their London merriment ...Read Review

When Light Breaks Through: A Salem Witch Trials Story

By Brenda Murphy - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

This is the story of Ann Putnam, one of a group of girls who claimed to be bewitched in or around Salem, Massachusetts, ...Read Review

The Map Colorist

By Rebecca D'Harlingue - Published 2023


Although young Anneke van Brug rarely ventures outside of her Amsterdam neighborhood, it is the age of Dutch exploration, and she grows up ...Read Review

Trust: The Anatomy of a Marriage

By Rita Dallas - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

Bedfordshire, 1649: This portrait of a marriage is based on the true story of Dorothy Osborne, wife of Sir William Temple, employer of a ...Read Review

The Vaster Wilds

By Lauren Groff - Published 2023



This devastatingly beautiful meditation on nature, divinity, and survival is the second volume of a planned triptych begun last year with Groff’s ...Read Review

A Season of Monstrous Conceptions

By Lina Rather - Published 2023


Historical Fantasy

Sarah Davis is a midwife’s apprentice in London, ten years after the Black Plague outbreak and Great Fire of 1666. Historians of the ...Read Review

The Courtesan’s Secret: A Venice Beauties Mystery

By Nina Wachsman - Published 2023



Set in 17th-century Venice, this novel focuses on the beautiful courtesan Belladonna, born a converso named Raquel Mendoza. Although her wealth and status ...Read Review

The Witches at the End of the World

By Chelsea Iversen - Published 2023


Norway, 1667. Women, sisters, witches, and curses. Thirteen years ago, Kaija and Minna were forced to flee their home when their mother was burned ...Read Review

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