17th Century

The Master of Measham Hall

By Anna Abney - Published 2021



1665: Charles II has returned from exile and is now king, but the Civil War still casts its long, dark shadow, intensified by the ...Read Review

The Cry of the Hangman (A Lucy Campion Mystery, 6)

By Susanna Calkins - Published 2021



This sixth Lucy Campion mystery is set in 1667 London, a time of rebuilding after the devastation of the Great Fire. The narrative delves ...Read Review


By Philip Yorke - Published 2021


Guilt and vengeance prevent Captain Francis Hacker from finding solace from God after his daughters’ murders. As the second year of civil war ...Read Review

Fate Accompli (The Water Nymph Gospels)

By Keith R. Fentonmiller - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

Tuscany, 1603. The Petasos men have accepted their curse, destined to make hats forever. Attempts at any other trade have been, literally, earth-shattering. All ...Read Review

The Bloodless Boy

By Robert J. Lloyd - Published 2021



In 1678, the exsanguinated body of a boy is discovered on the banks of London’s River Fleet. Harry Hunt, working as an assistant ...Read Review

The Lion Ascendant (The van Raveyck series)

By John Biggins - Published 2021


Flemish surgeon’s apprentice Frans Michielszoon van Raveck enters the Polish-Swedish 1626-29 War in the service of King Gustav. Biggins’ “fascination with “the ...Read Review

Cunning Women

By Elizabeth Lee - Published 2021


In 1620, a Lancashire hamlet lies abandoned, haunted by its many plague victims. A destitute family has found shelter in a hovel, shunned and ...Read Review

The Amber Crane

By Malve von Hassell - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Set mostly in the Baltic port of Stolpműnde during the Thirty Years War (1618–1648), this novel travels occasionally to the time of the ...Read Review

The Dangerous Kingdom of Love

By Neil Blackmore - Published 2021


England, 1613, and Francis Bacon travels to the royal palace at Theobalds, to be told by King James that he will be elevated to ...Read Review

The Artist and the Eternal City: Bernini, Pope Alexander VII, and The Making of Rome

By Loyd Grossman - Published 2021



When asked to name an artist who contributed to Rome’s beauty, Michelangelo is probably the first that comes to mind. Here Loyd ...Read Review

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