17th Century

Henrietta Maria: The Warrior Queen Who Divided a Nation

By Leanda de Lisle - Published 2022



This biography is an absorbing, well-written examination of the life and influence of one of Britain’s most reviled consorts, Henrietta Maria, wife ...Read Review

Daughters of the Deer

By Danielle Daniel - Published 2022



Canadian writer Daniel’s poignant historical novel, her adult fiction debut, reveals important truths about Indigenous women’s lives. The daughters of the ...Read Review

Cinder & Glass

By Melissa de la Cruz - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

Cinder & Glass is best described as a Cinderella tale without the fantasy elements. In 1682 during the reign of the Sun King, King ...Read Review

The Green Lady

By Sue Lawrence - Published 2022


In late 16th- and early 17th-century Scotland, Alexander Seton had the most impeccable connections: godson to Mary, Queen of Scots, guardian to her ...Read Review

Born to Be Hanged: The Epic Story of the Gentlemen Pirates Who Raided the South Seas, Rescued a Princess, and Stole a Fortune

By Keith Thomson - Published 2022



Can pirates be boring? Probably never, but certainly not when Keith Thomson describes them. His rollicking new book seems too good to be ...Read Review

The Fire Cats of London

By Anna Fargher - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

This is a tale of the Great Fire of London retold from the point of view of a captured wild cat, Asta. Although ...Read Review

The Winter Dress

By Lauren Chater - Published 2022


In 2014 there was an amazing discovery off the island of Texel in Holland. Shipwreck divers found a chest containing a woman’s silk ...Read Review

Susanna Hall: Her Book

By Jennifer Falkner - Published 2022


Falkner’s debut novella covers three summer days in 1643, when Henrietta Maria, queen to Charles I of England, was traveling south to meet ...Read Review

One for All

By Lillie Lainoff - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

Tania de Batz finds Paris of 1655 a place of exorbitant wealth and grinding poverty. Because of social unrest, the king is protected by ...Read Review

Valiant Ladies

By Melissa Grey - Published 2022


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

“Women aren’t reckless,” I groaned as I read the opening fight scene in Valiant Ladies. My love of historical fiction taught me ...Read Review