Pamela Hart

The Desert Nurse

By Pamela Hart - Published 2018


Although Evelyn Northey desperately wants to be a doctor, her father will not allow it, holding back her inheritance―which would enable her ...Read Review

A Letter from Italy

By Pamela Hart - Published 2017


Brindisi, 1917. Rebecca Quinn says farewell to Jack, her husband and fellow journalist, who is off on a secret investigation into Albanian smugglers. She ...Read Review

The War Bride

By Pamela Hart - Published 2016


Returned Aussie digger Frank waits eagerly on the wharf in Sydney for the arrival of his English bride, Margaret. But she’s not ...Read Review

The Soldier’s Wife

By Pamela Hart - Published 2015Published 2016


This book opens in 1915 in the midst of World War I as Jimmy Hawkins is about to be sent away to Gallipoli. Although ...Read Review