Kristin Harmel

The Forest of Vanishing Stars

By Kristin Harmel - Published 2021


Yona is a girl raised in the woods of Poland in near-isolation by a mysterious crone who kidnapped her from her parents at ...Read Review

The Book of Lost Names

By Kristin Harmel - Published 2020


The author of The Winemaker’s Wife has penned another phenomenal story set in France during World War II. The Book of Lost ...Read Review

The Winemaker’s Wife

By Kristin Harmel - Published 2019


Straddling two time periods, The Winemaker’s Wife chronicles the little-known story of the French resistance in the Champagne region of France during ...Read Review

The Room on Rue Amelie

By Kristin Harmel - Published 2018


After American Ruby Henderson marries Frenchman Marcel Benoit, they settle in Paris in 1939. Instead of newlywed bliss, they face Nazi invasion and occupation. ...Read Review

When We Meet Again

By Kristin Harmel - Published 2016


I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for stories in which a modern-day character finds a mysterious artifact of family history and ...Read Review