D.J. Taylor

The Windsor Faction

By D.J. Taylor - Published 2013


Alternate History

It is the first few months of the Second World War, and the British are in that curiously suspended situation, wondering when, if ...Read Review

At the Chime of the City Clock

By D.J. Taylor - Published 2010



In 1931 Britain is deep in financial crisis, and coming off the Gold Standard seems inevitable. That summer in a seedy part of London ...Read Review

Ask Alice

By D.J. Taylor - Published 2009



From the windswept prairies of Kansas to downtown Chicago, and from rural Norfolk to the rarefied atmosphere of Chelsea and Mayfair society, D....Read Review

Bright Young People: The Lost Generation of London’s Jazz Age

By D.J. Taylor - Published 2008Published 2009



For American readers, the phrase “lost generation” conjures up the names Hemingway and Fitzgerald and other arty types who spent the 1920s in ...Read Review

Kept: A Victorian Mystery

By D.J. Taylor - Published 2007



A young landowner is thrown from his horse and killed. His widow, already unbalanced from the loss of their child, is whisked out ...Read Review