Black Diamonds: The Downfall of an Aristocratic Dynasty and the Fifty Years That Changed England

By Catherine Bailey - Published 2008Published 2014



Beginning during the 19th century and ending in the 21st, Black Diamonds is the story of the end of an era and of ...Read Review

The Ship of Brides

By Jojo Moyes - Published 2008Published 2014


If you like stories that pull you in quickly, are filled with emotional drama, and provide a vivid atmosphere of the times, you ...Read Review

Faro’s Daughter

By Georgette Heyer - Published 2008Published 2013 (c1941)



The richest man in town, and an inveterate bachelor at 35, Max Ravenscar isn’t in the habit of losing his composure, but when ...Read Review

When Women Were Warriors: Books I, II & III

By Catherine M. Wilson - Published 2008


Wilson’s utterly remarkable trilogy set in Bronze Age Britain opens with spirited young Tamras being sent to the household of Lady Merin ...Read Review

A Place Beyond Courage

By Elizabeth Chadwick - Published 2008Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

Chadwick takes the reader back to the turmoil of 12th-century England in this novel. John FitzGilbert inherited his position as King Henry I’...Read Review

Storks in a Blue Sky

By Carol Anne Dobson - Published 2008



The novel begins in a rainy 18th-century North Devon, England. It is a story of many things, which are wound and interlinked beautifully ...Read Review


By Walton Golightly - Published 2008Published 2011


Biographical FictionMilitary

The year is 1818, and Shaka, the warrior king of the Zulus, is on the verge of consolidating a vast African kingdom. Pushing back ...Read Review

Call of a Distant Shore

By Corinne Hoebers - Published 2008



Due to increasing unrest and violence in his birthplace of Hochdorf, Germany, in the 1750s, Michael Heber impulsively decides to join his newly ...Read Review

Walls of Jericho

By Jonathan Hopkins - Published 2008



Jonathan Hopkins’ novel is an engaging Sharpe- or Flashman-style romp. It’s the story of an unlikely friendship between two youths of different ...Read Review

Kinmer’s Lea

By Gloria Morgan - Published 2008


Children/Young AdultTime-slip

Twelve-year-old Edwin goes to stay with his Gran at Kinmers Lea, her old house near Hastings. Somehow he and Gran travel through time ...Read Review

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