Whispers in the Wind

Written by Lauraine Snelling
Review by B. J. Sedlock

In 1906 South Dakota, Cassie Lockwood, recently cast off from a defunct Wild West show, arrives at the ranch which her father co-owned. She discovers that the late Mr. Engstrom did not tell his resident children that they don’t own the property outright. The Engstrom sons are angry at usurper Cassie, but Mavis Engstrom welcomes her almost as a long-lost daughter and later confesses that she nearly married Cassie’s father. Cassie struggles with a lack of money, ignorance of the simplest of household chores, and prejudice from townspeople who resent her bringing Native American companions to the area. Her plans to earn money as a sharpshooter in a new show may be dashed when rowdies attack her cabin and she is injured.

This is the second in the series Wild West Wind. I would not recommend starting with this volume. Snelling does give interesting details on prairie life, such as how food was preserved, but I found the plot very slow going. There are only hints of the romance expected in the Christian fiction genre; apparently Snelling is drawing out the story over multiple volumes. There isn’t enough in this book alone to make me care for the characters.