HNR Issue 63 (February 2013)

The Colours of Corruption

By Jacqueline Jacques - Published 2013



The Colours of Corruption’s cover is suggestive of the atmosphere the author means to evoke, in a palette of murky greens and ...Read Review

The Forgotten Queen

By D.L. Bogdan - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

The Tudors were a fiery, memorable family.  Headstrong, passionate, often foolhardy, restless… this describes the forgotten Tudor, Queen Margaret of Scotland.  She was ...Read Review

Twas the Night After Christmas

By Sabrina Jeffries - Published 2012



Pierce Waverly, the Earl of Devonmont, was abandoned by his parents at a young age — and he has no idea why. Especially embittered ...Read Review

Victorian Tales: The Fabulous Flyer

By Terry Deary - Published 2012


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Paris, 1852. Henri Giffard, who works in a railway workshop, has invented an incredible new machine. It’s a hydrogen balloon driven by a ...Read Review

Merivel: A Man of His Time

By Rose Tremain - Published 2012Published 2013


This is a sequel to Tremain’s 1989 novel, Restoration, which was a memoir of Sir Robert Merivel, physician, bon-viveur, friend of Charles II ...Read Review


By Andre Brink - Published 2012Published 2013



Philida is a knitting girl, a slave in the household of Cornelis Brink whose job is to knit clothes for the family. She ...Read Review

Lovelier than Daylight

By Rosslyn Elliott - Published 2012



Residents of the highly religious town of Westerville, Ohio, were proud of the part they played in the abolition movement, including their involvement ...Read Review

Utopian Man

By Lisa Lang - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

Lang’s award-winning debut is a delight, as a novel, as biography, and as history. Based on the life of Edward Cole, Utopian ...Read Review

A Study in Revenge

By Kieran Shields - Published 2013



1893, Portland, Maine. Deputy Marshal Archie Lean is called to investigate a burned body and strange occult symbols in an abandoned house. Even stranger ...Read Review

Target Lancer

By Max Allan Collins - Published 2012



The novel opens with Nathan Heller, Chicago native, private investigator and owner of the A-1 Detective Agency, providing security for a man making ...Read Review

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