HNR Issue 63 (February 2013)

The Colours of Corruption

By Jacqueline Jacques - Published 2013



The Colours of Corruption’s cover is suggestive of the atmosphere the author means to evoke, in a palette of murky greens and ...Read Review

The Sweet Girl

By Annabel Lyon - Published 2012Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

The Sweet Girl, Annabel Lyon’s follow up novel to her award winning 2011 novel, The Golden Mean, is a fast-moving, fascinating read even ...Read Review

The Heretics

By Rory Clements - Published 2013



This is the fifth novel in Clements’ John Shakespeare series.  For the uninitiated, John Shakespeare is Will Shakespeare’s fictional elder brother who ...Read Review

Too Dangerous to Desire

By Cara Elliott - Published 2012



Regency-set romantic adventure abounds in this third of the Lords of Midnight series. Taking a cue from Jane Austen’s Persuasion, Elliott’s ...Read Review

Victorian Tales: The Twisted Tunnels

By Terry Deary - Published 2012


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

London, March 1843. Jenny and her Granddad are toshers, that is, scavengers in the sewers, a dangerous and smelly job, but they like it. ...Read Review


By Daniel Arsand - By Howard Curtis (trans.) - Published 2012



Lovers is a short novel set in prerevolutionary France (1749) that illuminates a relationship between Balthazar de Créon, a nobleman, and a 15-year-old ...Read Review

All Things New

By Lynn Austin - Published 2012



All Things New is a captivating novel about Reconstruction in the South. The story focuses on three women: Josephine Weatherly, her mother Eugenia, ...Read Review

The Silver Thread

By Kylie Fitzpatrick - Published 2012


Inspired by a real historical artefact, The Rajan Quilt, sewn by women convicts on their way to Australia, this novel moves from Ireland ...Read Review

Gideon’s Call

By Peter Leavell - Published 2012


The Battle of Port Royal, which took place on November 7, 1861, was a pivotal Union victory during the Civil War. The successful capture of ...Read Review

The Ripper Secret

By Jack Steel - Published 2012



Jerusalem, 1870. In an illegal excavation, Charles Warren locates and removes a priceless artefact from its ancient hiding place. Years later, he is still ...Read Review

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