Where We Belong

Written by Lynn Austin
Review by Rebecca Cochran

Sisters Rebecca and Flora Hawes are marvelously atypical Victorian women in 1890s Chicago. They have grown up independent and thirsty for adventure, much to the dismay of their father. Now, as adults, they ignore the standards of society and embark on one adventure after another. This is the story of their most epic, and perhaps, final journey. With their loyal butler, Soren Peterson, and spirited lady’s maid, Kate, they set out to the Sinai Desert on a quest to find a biblical manuscript. Finding the manuscript will help Rebecca make an important decision. Encountering a sandstorm, and more dangers, the two sisters begin to reflect on the past and, through flashbacks, Austin tells their story in detail. As their journey progresses, readers learn about how the sisters came to this final journey, the struggles they endured throughout life, and the love and heartbreak, they have experienced.

As with all her novels, Austin has presented readers with a well-written and skillfully plotted story. Austin knows how to hook the reader and keep characters fresh, engaging, and alive. This is a lovely Christian romance, but with more adventure, dangers and reality than some of her others. Rebecca is headstrong, independent, and courageous. Flora is softer, kinder, but no less interesting. Their trials through life are real, tangible, and emotional. Overall, highly recommended and one of Austin’s best.