HNR Issue 84 (May 2018)

Song of Isabel

By Ida Curtis - Published 2018



Lady Isabel, daughter of Lord Theodoric of Narbonne, is twelve years old when she is attacked by soldiers and rescued by a stranger ...Read Review

The Judge Hunter

By Christopher Buckley - Published 2018



Balthasar de St. Michel (Balty) is the shiftless brother-in-law of Samuel Pepys and is sent off by him to the American colonies under ...Read Review

The Ballade of Mary Reede

By Norman Schell - Published 2017



John Tanner, a young Englishman trained as a ship’s carpenter and groomed for command of a merchant vessel of his own in ...Read Review

The Which Way Tree

By Elizabeth Crook - Published 2018



Back in 1857, El Demonio de Dos Dedos—The Demon of Two Fingers—didn’t know that he was starting serious trouble. The hungry ...Read Review

The Unlikely Master Genius

By Carla Kelly - Published 2018


It’s always time to rejoice when a new Regency-set series debuts from the imagination of Carla Kelly. This time, we have Mr. ...Read Review

Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of Peru

By Karen Lee Street - Published 2018



Philadelphia, 1844: The City of Brotherly Love is not so loving in 1844 as nativist Americans foment unrest against Irish Catholic immigrants. Despite this, Edgar ...Read Review

A Dangerous Legacy

By Elizabeth Camden - Published 2018



New York City, 1903, is an exciting time with advancements in technology, and Lucy Drake is no stranger to the marvels of the new ...Read Review

The Summer I Met Jack

By Michelle Gable - Published 2018


Alicia Darr arrives in America, a displaced person hoping to find a new life after the war. Her cultured, privileged childhood in Poland ...Read Review

Trenton Makes

By Tadzio Koelb - Published 2018



In Koelb’s debut novel, a woman in post-WWII Trenton, New Jersey, accidentally kills her abusive husband, then disposes of his body and ...Read Review

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

By Heather Morris - Published 2018


The Holocaust will surely be an endless source of inspiration for creative artists of all disciplines. We take for granted the poignancy of ...Read Review

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