HNR Issue 84 (May 2018)

The Golden Hairpin

By Alex Woodend (trans.) - By Qinghan CeCe - Published 2018



Huang Zixia is a remarkable young Chinese woman with a penchant for solving complex murder mysteries; a skill she has displayed since she ...Read Review

Megge of Bury Down

By Rebecca Kightlinger - Published 2018


In Kightlinger’s debut novel, Megge is a girl of Bury Down, a small village in the medieval Cornish countryside. To an outside ...Read Review

The Fire Court

By Andrew Taylor - Published 2018



In this sequel to The Ashes of London, Taylor returns to London, rebuilding after the 1666 fire that destroyed much of the city. James ...Read Review

The Duke of Her Desire

By Sophie Barnes - Published 2017



This sweet, sedate sequel to An Unlikely Duke turns to Lady Amelia, suddenly elevated from the slums of St. Giles after her brother ...Read Review


By Charles Frazier - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

At Saratoga Springs in 1906, the widowed Varina Howell Davis relates pieces of her life’s journey to visitor James Blake (aka “Jimmie Limber”), ...Read Review

Harbor of Spies

By Robin Lloyd - Published 2018



In January 1863, a storm forces American captain Everett Townsend to sail his ship reluctantly into the Port of Havana. Before arriving there, he ...Read Review

The Believers in the Crucible Nauvoo

By Alfred Woollacott III - Published 2017


The first few decades of the 19th century were turbulent. In the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, the global economy contracted, and the ...Read Review

On the Homefront

By Barb Warner Deane - Published 2017


Though many novels have been written about the exploits of the American military in World War II, few provide an intimate picture of ...Read Review


By Minrose Gwin - Published 2018


Promise is set in 1936 in Tupelo, Mississippi on the day of, and the days following, a devastating tornado. Following the parallel stories of ...Read Review

Peace in My Heart

By Freda Lightfoot - Published 2017


Manchester, 1945. The war has ended, but there are more troubles ahead for Evie Talbert. Like so many women of the time, she has ...Read Review

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