HNR Issue 84 (May 2018)


By Snorri Kristjansson - Published 2018



This novel’s cover shows an archaeologically-correct-looking longhouse. It’s a tale about Vikings, and it reads like a saga of old! The ...Read Review

The Coffin Path

By Katherine Clements - Published 2018


The Coffin Path is a gothic historical novel, reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier and as good as Sarah Waters. It is set in ...Read Review

The Beachcomber

By Ines Thorn - By Kate Northrop (trans.) - Published 2018


In 1711, on the Isle of Sylt on the North Sea coast, Jordis and her grandmother are considered outsiders due to their Icelandic heritage. ...Read Review

The Prince & the Whitechapel Murders

By Saul David - Published 2018



After an eight year wait, here is a further instalment in the adventures of Major George ‘Zulu’ Hart, hero of Queen Victoria’s ‘...Read Review

The Ladies of Ivy Cottage

By Julie Klassen - Published 2017



Klassen’s sweet, Regency-set historical takes up where Tales From Ivy Hill left off, returning to the quaint Wiltshire village of Ivy Hill ...Read Review

Mr Peacock’s Possessions

By Lydia Syson - Published 2018



In the late 19th century, Oceania—a vast expanse of sea, dotted with the occasional landmass, from the huge continent of Australia through ...Read Review

A Long Way from Home

By Peter Carey - Published 2018


In 1953, Irene Bobs and her husband, Titch, leave their young children at home to enter the brutal Australian open road race known as ...Read Review

Paving the New Road

By Sulari Gentill - Published 2018



It’s the fourth outing for amateur detective Rowly Sinclair and his unlikely band of helpers, housemates and creative types Edna, Milton, and ...Read Review

Another Side of Paradise

By Sally Koslow - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

The four-year romance between the married F. Scott Fitzgerald and divorced Hollywood gossip columnist Sheilah Graham has been chronicled in books and movies ...Read Review

Penhaligon’s Pride

By Terri Nixon - Published 2017



Who doesn’t love a good family saga? Set in Edwardian Cornwall, here’s a novel with a tried and tested recipe: dark ...Read Review

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