Victoria Rebels

Written by Carolyn Meyer
Review by Viviane Crystal

Princess Victoria will be Queen of England sometime in the future.  Everything about her life is under constant examination and comment from those who are grooming her for this incredible role. As this novel is based on the real princess’s actual journals, the reader carefully follows the people closest to Victoria, for they anticipate what kind of person she will be and how she will rule.

Victoria’s mother is a widow and has allowed Sir John Conroy to run her life. Victoria is helpless to stop him from doing the same when she’s young, but hate him she does, as the reader can discern from the capital letters and underlined portions in her journal, which also indicate a fiery temper. At times she comes across as a precocious brat and at other times as a wise woman who wants to model her life on her heroine, Queen Elizabeth I.

When Victoria is 17, the discussions begin about her future marriage. At the same time, Sir John Conroy tries to coerce Victoria into making him part of the royal government after she becomes queen, but Victoria is adamant, rejecting anyone’s counsel on this matter. Her assumption of the throne after the death of King William and her marriage to Prince Albert make for fascinating reading. Young adult readers will be able to relate to this traditional yet rebellious young girl who was so soon to become the longest-ruling British monarch. Very nicely done.