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The Painter’s Daughters

By Emily Howes - Published 2024


Biographical Fiction

This biographical novel focuses on Margaret and Molly, the daughters of artist Thomas Gainsborough, taking them through their lives from childhood. The narrator, ...Read Review

Maude Horton’s Glorious Revenge

By Lizzie Pook - Published 2024



After their parents died, Maude and Constance Horton were raised by their grandfather and grew up helping in his apothecary shop in London. ...Read Review

The Bullet Swallower

By Elizabeth Gonzalez James - Published 2024



A woman’s red shawl blows off her grave and into a tree, where it turns into a red bird. A cruel and ...Read Review

Murder by Degrees

By Ritu Mukerji - Published 2023



In 1875 Philadelphia, at the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, Dr. Lydia Weston is busy as a doctor, professor, and anatomist. She learns ...Read Review

The Black Crescent

By Jane Johnson - Published 2023Published 2024



Set in 1950s Morocco, amid growing resistance to French rule, The Black Crescent is a novel about family ties, societal change and contrast ...Read Review

The African Samurai: The Incredible Story of Yasuke

By Craig Shreve - Published 2023



An African child is taken by slavers. His ‘ownership’ is sold to Indian merchants. He is trained to fight, and kill, and forget ...Read Review

The House Is on Fire

By Rachel Beanland - Published 2023


On December 26, 1811, Richmond, Virginia’s theater burst into flames during a crowded performance, killing nearly a hundred in the audience. In The House ...Read Review

Eight Strings

By Margaret DeRosia - Published 2023


Like the puppet plays that form the center of this novel, DeRosia imbues a melodramatic plot with layer upon layer of social and ...Read Review

The House of Eve

By Sadeqa Johnson - Published 2023


The House of Eve explores culture, class, and the sometimes-heartbreaking complications of motherhood within the contrasting worlds of Black families in Washington, DC, ...Read Review

The War That Made the Roman Empire: Antony, Cleopatra, and Octavian at Actium

By Barry Strauss - Published 2022



Actium, fought on September 2nd in 31 BC, is surely one of the most decisive battles in history, but until I read this book ...Read Review

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