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Leonora in the Morning Light

By Michaela Carter - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Set in France during WW2, Leonora in the Morning Light is a novel about Leonora Carrington and Max Ernst, two important figures in ...Read Review

Letters Across the Sea

By Genevieve Graham - Published 2021



This moving story revolves around several little-known historical events. The first occurs in Toronto in 1933. The Great Depression is in full swing, and ...Read Review

Becoming Leidah

By Michelle Grierson - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

Becoming Leidah is set in 19th-century Norway at a time when Christianity coexisted with beliefs in pagan or folkloric gods. The people of ...Read Review

Yellow Wife

By Sadeqa Johnson - Published 2021


Virginia, 1850. Beautiful and educated, enslaved Pheby Delores Brown looks forward to the day she turns eighteen, when she has been promised her freedom. ...Read Review

These Ghosts Are Family

By Maisy Card - Published 2020


Two events frame this complex, multi-character narrative. Black Jamaican, Abel Paisley’s friend dies in a work accident, but, since ‘the captain has ...Read Review

Magic Lessons

By Alice Hoffman - Published 2020


Hoffman previously revisited the beloved world and characters she created for the blockbuster hit Practical Magic when she gave readers the life stories ...Read Review

Florence Adler Swims Forever

By Rachel Beanland - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Atlantic City, 1934. On a fine June day, Florence Adler, training to swim the English Channel, dives into the ocean and disappears beneath the ...Read Review

The Sea Gate

By Jane Johnson - Published 2020


It is rare to find a dual-narrative novel in which both strands of the narrative are equally compelling. Often the present-day strand exists ...Read Review

The Forgotten Home Child

By Genevieve Graham - Published 2020


Winnifred Ellis has been hiding her past for all her ninety-seven years of life. Winnie was one of thousands of orphaned or abandoned ...Read Review

The Brideship Wife

By Leslie Howard - Published 2020


Charlotte is an unmarried woman with few options in 1862 England. Her brother-in-law supports her financially but wishes her to marry; her indifferent cousin ...Read Review

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