Written by Francine Rivers
Review by Michael I. Shoop

Francine Rivers concludes her five-volume Lineage of Grace series with the inspiring life of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. As with the previous titles, the author weaves a plausible story from the few known details of her character’s life. She succeeds admirably in presenting Mary from her birth as another unwanted girl child to a somewhat rebellious teenager, as the loyal wife of Joseph, and as the mother not only of Jesus, but of other children as well.

Rivers skillfully depicts a flesh-and-blood Mary with strong emotions, willful, sometimes confused, but not afraid of God’s plan for her. She is angry when no one believes that her son is the long-awaited Messiah. She is portrayed as eventually becoming somewhat removed from her loving family and determined that her son Jesus will be accepted as the promised Savior. Using spare, readable prose, Rivers conveys Mary’s heartbreak at the realization that Jesus was never really her son and that he must fulfill his destiny on the cross. This is a memorable, moving story that makes human one of our greatest Christian icons.