The Gospel According to Lazarus

By Richard Zimler - Published 2019


Biographical FictionLiterary

Bestselling author Richard Zimler crafts a distinctly Jewish view of the mission and execution of Jesus of Nazareth (here termed Yeshua, of Natzeret) ...Read Review


By Elizabeth Cook - Published 2019



This complex novel is written in three main sections. In the first, we read of how the Ark of the Covenant was captured ...Read Review

Heart of a King

By Jill Eileen Smith - Published 2019



King Solomon of biblical fame is the king referred to in the book’s title. As the main character, the book follows him ...Read Review

I, Claudia: A Novel of the Ancient World

By Lin Wilder - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

I, Claudia is the story of Claudia Procula and her husband, the infamous Lucius Pontius Pilate. For Claudia, Lucius is her one true ...Read Review

Shelter of the Most High (Cities of Refuge Book #2)

By Connilyn Cossette - Published 2018



1388 BC: With their island village plundered and their families murdered, Sofea and her cousin Prezi are taken by pirates.  After a daring escape, ...Read Review

The Damascus Road: A Novel of Saint Paul

By Jay Parini - Published 2019


Biographical FictionInpirational

After receiving a divine vision on the road to Damascus, Paul devotes his life to proclaiming the news of Jesus. Often accompanied by ...Read Review

Song of Songs: A Novel of the Queen of Sheba

By Marc Graham - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Approximately 1300s BC: Makeda is a daughter of Saba’s chieftain and his slave wife. When her older half-sister Bilkis is lost after ...Read Review

The Reluctant General: A Novel from Ancient Jewish Writings

By Herb Sennett - Published 2018


The Reluctant General tells the biblical tale of the unlikely, and triumphant, partnership of Barak, a humble farmer, and Deborah, the prophetess, who ...Read Review

Of Fire and Lions

By Mesu Andrews - Published 2019



In 605 B.C., Abigail is captured by enemy soldiers while hiding in the Holy Temple. She’s forced to serve four captive princes ...Read Review

A Fisher of Women: The Tale of the Forgotten Healer of Galilee (The Fisherwoman) (Volume 2)

By Catherine Magia - Published 2018



The attentive young mother of a newborn and wife to Simon Peter narrates this tale of Jesus of Nazareth and his disciples. She ...Read Review

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