1st Century

Into the Unbounded Night

By Mitchell Kaplan - Published 2020


Rome is falling from the edges inward and from the core out. The moral lessons for our own time of a falling empire ...Read Review

Daughter of Black Lake: A Novel

By Cathy Marie Buchanan - Published 2020



Britain, first century AD. Hobble lives in a secluded community. Years ago, her grandfather and uncles went off to battle the invading Romans, ...Read Review

Daughter of Cana (Jerusalem Road)

By ANGELA HUNT - Published 2020


Inspirational Romance

This novel opens at a rather famous wedding in Cana in 27 CE: far more people arrive than originally invited, and halfway through the ...Read Review

The Grove of the Caesars: Flavia Albia 8

By Lindsey Davis - Published 2020



This is the eighth book in Lindsey Davis’s mystery series featuring Flavia Albia, daughter of Marcus Didius Falco, an investigator in ancient ...Read Review

Simon versus Simon: The Story of Lucius and the Magician’s Duel

By Philip E. Sears - Published 2019


Like the sons of most wealthy Roman patricians, Lucius prefers to have fun with his friends rather than settle down. In despair, his ...Read Review

Hiding From the Past: An Eighth Case from the Notebooks of Pliny the Younger

By Albert A. Bell - Published 2020



A murder from the past and an ambush on a hurried trip by Pliny the Younger in 87 CE to join his best friend, ...Read Review

The Book of Longings

By Sue Monk Kidd - Published 2020


Kidd has taken a concept which could have been seriously strained – imagining the life of the woman who married Jesus in 1st-century Judea – ...Read Review

The Lost Chapter

By Tod Scott Connor - Published 2019


Nero rules Rome in the first century AD and is destroying its best citizens with his ever-growing perversity, cruelty, and terrifying reprisals. Marius, ...Read Review

The Silk Merchant of Sychar

By Cindy Williams - Published 2019



This is Australian writer Cindy Williams’ second novel. Her first, The Pounamu Prophecy, was set in her birth country of New Zealand and ...Read Review

Cry for Jerusalem – Book 1 63-66 CE: Resisting Tyranny

By Ward Sanford - Published 2019



First in a four-novel series, Resisting Tyranny introduces readers to four unlikely friends brought together by a life-threatening accident at sea. A Roman ...Read Review

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