1st Century

The House with the Golden Door (Volume 2) (Wolf Den Trilogy)

By Elodie Harper - Published 2022


Ancient Pompeii comes to life in the second installment in Elodie Harper’s Wolf Den trilogy. The bustling Roman Empire city is the ...Read Review

The Apostle’s Sister (Jerusalem Road)

By ANGELA HUNT - Published 2022


Inspirational Romance

30 AD. Neither Aya nor her brother Sha’ul wishes to marry. They have other plans for their lives: Aya is a musician, and ...Read Review

The Capsarius: Volume 1 (Legion XXII)

By Simon Turney - Published 2022



Titus Cervianus is a Capsarius: a combat medic in the 22nd Legion. He is also seen as unlucky by his comrades in the 22...Read Review

Desperate Undertaking (Flavia Albia)

By Lindsey Davis - Published 2022



Rome, AD 89. Falco, part-time private informer, and his wife are away on holiday when the first gruesome murder is discovered. Flavia Albia, Falco’...Read Review

Bronze Drum

By Phong Nguyen - Published 2022



Based on the lives of the legendary Trung Sisters, Bronze Drum opens in 36 CE in a land of Viet people striving to keep ...Read Review

I Am Ushriya

By Beverly Young - Published 2022


Inspirational Romance

Born illegitimate to the Emperor and left in the Temple of the Vestals to die, an infant is found by a family of ...Read Review

Empire of Iron (Vesta Shadows Trilogy Series, Book 3)

By Debra May Macleod - Published 2022



This novel covers key events of the early Roman Empire, following Octavian’s early years of becoming Augustus Caesar and ending in his ...Read Review

The Wolf Den (Volume 1) (Wolf Den Trilogy)

By Elodie Harper - Published 2022


74 CE. Once a doctor’s daughter before family tragedy forced her into slavery to a cruel pimp, Amara now lives as a whore ...Read Review

The Barabbas Legacy (The Barabbas Trilogy)

By M.D. House - Published 2021



This third in a trilogy provides more exciting tales of well-known New Testament characters and their fictitious offspring as they travel the world, ...Read Review

The Grand Anicut

By Veena Muthuraman - Published 2021


Southern India, circa 50 CE: Marcellus, the scion of a wealthy Roman trading family, arrives in India to arrange for the purchase of pearls. ...Read Review

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