1st Century

A Woman of Words (Jerusalem Road)

By ANGELA HUNT - Published 2021



Ten years after the death on the cross of Jesus Christ, disciple Matthew, the former tax collector, is excited to work with Peter, ...Read Review

The Fort (City of Victory 1)

By Adrian Goldsworthy - Published 2021



105 AD. Trajan is Emperor of Rome, and Decebalus is king in Dacia (modern Romania). An uneasy peace exists between the empire and the ...Read Review

Names of the Women

By Jeet Thayil - Published 2021



This novel tells the story of Jesus Christ through the women who followed him and those who were against the man. One of ...Read Review

Touching Fire: A Vestal Virgin’s Tale

By Peter B. Dedek - Published 2021


In this tale set between 81 and 90 AD, Cornelia is a young Vestal Virgin who comes from a Patrician family in ancient Rome. Like ...Read Review

A Comedy of Terrors (Flavia Albia 6)

By Lindsey Davis - Published 2021



Lindsey Davis is unsurpassed when it comes to murder, mischief, and mayhem at Saturnalia, or indeed at any other time in ancient Rome. ...Read Review

Pillars of Barabbas (The Barabbas Trilogy)

By M.D. House - Published 2021



I’m sure readers of the Bible sometimes wonder what happened next. Was that prophecy fulfilled? Did that tax collector or that prostitute ...Read Review

From the Ashes

By Melissa Addey - Published 2021


In 79 AD Pompeii, a slave and scribe, Althea, is offered to Marcus, a former soldier, and operator of the amphitheater. Althea’s master ...Read Review

Joseph of Arimathea

By Kenneth Westbrook - Published 2020


1st century AD. Joseph’s family has been preparing for generations. They’ve accumulated wealth in hopes of assisting the Messiah upon his ...Read Review

Jewel of the Nile

By Tessa Afshar - Published 2021



AD 56. Chariline has always been told that her father, the man who spoiled her late Roman mother, is dead. With her morose aunt, ...Read Review

The Border Wolves (The Centurions Book 4)

By Damion Hunter - Published 2021



This is set in the time of Emperor Domitian’s Dacian Wars. The story flits between Dacia and Rome, following the final story ...Read Review

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