1st Century

The Blood of Rome (Eagles of the Empire 17)

By Simon Scarrow - Published 2018



It’s scarcely believable that The Blood of Rome is the seventeenth adventure of Cato and Macro, but such is the skill with ...Read Review

Vitellius’ Feast: The Four Emperors Series: Book IV

By L.J. Trafford - Published 2018


AD 69 in Rome, and Nero is dead. He had most of the vices, but at least he had style and aspirations. Vitellius is ...Read Review

A Fisher of Women: The Tale of the Forgotten Healer of Galilee (The Fisherwoman) (Volume 2)

By Catherine Magia - Published 2018



The attentive young mother of a newborn and wife to Simon Peter narrates this tale of Jesus of Nazareth and his disciples. She ...Read Review

Hammer of Rome: Gaius Valerius Verrens 9

By Douglas Jackson - Published 2018



Hammer of Rome is the final novel of the Gaius Valerius Verrens series, legate of the Ninth legion Hispania and a Hero of ...Read Review

The Gods Help Those: A Seventh Case from the Notebooks of Pliny the Younger

By Albert A. Bell jr. - Published 2018



When Pliny the Younger is called to the scene of a collapsed warehouse, multiple bodies are found. One of them, wearing equestrian clothing, ...Read Review

The Splendor Before the Dark: A Novel of the Emperor Nero

By Margaret George - Published 2018Published 2018-11-15


Biographical FictionEpic

Margaret George’s epic novel, the second of two about the emperor Nero (after The Confessions of Young Nero), begins with Rome on ...Read Review

The Deadliest Fever: A Miriam bat Isaac Mystery in Ancient Alexandria

By June Trop - Published 2018



After the Torah mantle in Alexandria’s Great Synagogue is vandalized and blood is found on the bemah, Miriam is tasked with the ...Read Review


By Anthony Riches - Published 2018



Retribution is the third and final instalment of Riches’ trilogy covering the Batavian revolt of 69 AD, aka the Year of the Four Emperors. ...Read Review

Thief of Corinth

By Tessa Afshar - Published 2018



After years under the oppressive yoke of her grandfather’s and mother’s expectations, Ariadne runs away to her father’s house in ...Read Review

Fire in the Year of Four Emperors

By Rick Deragon - Published 2017


This riveting novel is set in 1st-century Rome following Nero’s rule. Galba, the governor of Spain, declares himself emperor. Four Roman generals ...Read Review

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