HNR Issue 19 (February 2002)

Eye of the Wind

By Jane Jackson - Published 2001Published 2013



Cornwall, 1795.  Melissa Tregonning, unconventional, beautiful but too tall for her time, tries to save her late father’s boatyard, which is encumbered by ...Read Review

Saintly Murders

By C.L. Grace - Published 2001



It is 1471. Kathryn Swinbrooke, an accomplished physician, is asked to investigate a recent plague of rats in Canterbury. But Kathryn is not in ...Read Review

The Thief-Taker: Memoirs of a Bow-Street Runner

By T.F. Banks - Published 2001



In June 1815, as Wellington’s army faces down the French somewhere in Belgium, in London the officers of Bow Street wage war against ...Read Review

The Contract Surgeon

By Dan O’Brien - Published 2001



As an old man on the eve of WWII, Valentine McGillycuddy remembers an earlier conflict when he served as contract surgeon in the ...Read Review

The Magdalen

By Marita Conlon-McKenna - Published 2002


How awful would it be to be an unwed mother in Ireland in the 1950s? According to Marita Conlon-McKenna, it would be awful ...Read Review

Justice Hall

By Laurie R. King - Published 2002



King’s sixth Russell/Holmes mystery involves the couple in the travails of friends from an earlier volume in the series (O Jerusalem), ...Read Review

All the King’s Men

By Robert Penn Warren - Published 2001



The most important thing about this “restored” edition of Penn Warren’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of 1946 is that it stands up very well ...Read Review

Savage: The Life and Times of Jemmy Button

By Nick Hazlewood - Published 2001



In 1830, Robert Fitzroy, commander of the Beagle, took on board his ship a young native from Tierra del Fuego, later called Jemmy Button. ...Read Review

No Eye Can See

By Jane Kirkpatrick - Published 2001



In this novel, second in a trilogy after All Together In One Place, a number of independent women seek to make their way ...Read Review

The Day Laid on the Altar

By Adria Bernardi - Published 2001


Biographical FictionLiterary

Three artists weave the fabric of sixteenth century Italian artistic life in Bernardi’s intriguing novel: Bartolomeo, a peasant farmer who collects shards ...Read Review

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