To the Farthest Shores

Written by Elizabeth Camden
Review by Rebecca Cochran

During the Spanish-American War, nurse Jenny Bennett had her heart broken by Lieutenant Ryan Gallagher, who had promised her marriage only to leave on a mission and, later, break up with her via an airmail letter. Now, six years later in 1904, still with no answers about why Ryan left her, Jenny continues to work at the Presidio Army Base in San Francisco. When, amidst rumors that he was a deserter, Ryan returns, Jenny is determined to find out what happened. Her investigation leads her to discover that Ryan has a daughter, dangerous secrets, and plans to make it all right. But, he needs Jenny’s help. A reluctant Jenny agrees, if only to keep an eye on her benefactor, Simon, who shares a passion for pearls with Ryan, and decides to go into business with him.

Like Camden’s previous novels, this is lovely romantic suspense with a fine historical backdrop and characters that are well-drawn, realistic, and engaging. Jenny is not without secrets of her own, making both main characters intriguing. The reader learns quite a lot about the pearl growing industry, as Ryan and Simon spend considerable time discussing the business. The romance is subtle, and I would have appreciated more about their initial romance. Camden spends most of the story detailing Ryan’s current mission and the unraveling of both his and Jenny’s past. Overall, though, this is a fine story with much to commend it.