HNR Issue 81 (August 2017)

The Drowning King

By Emily Holleman - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Book two of Holleman’s Fall of Egypt series (after Cleopatra’s Shadows) is told from the points of view of Cleopatra’s ...Read Review

The Shadow Queen

By Anne O’Brien - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

The Shadow Queen tells the story of Joan, Fair Maid of Kent, a Plantagenet princess who shocked medieval Europe with her marital exploits ...Read Review

The Irish Civil War 1922-23: Ava’s Diary

By Patricia Murphy - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

The latest in the “Hands On History” series, published by the excellent Poolbeg Press, Ava’s Diary moves between the present day, with ...Read Review

Merely a Marriage

By Jo Beverley - Published 2017



1817: Lady Ariana Boxstall fears for her brother Norris’s legacy and her own future. If he dies unmarried and without heirs, she will ...Read Review

Roosevelt’s Boys

By John C. Horst - Published 2017



Stepbrothers Jonathan Whelihan and Rocky Killebrew are jostling for new identities as they reach manhood on their father’s ranch. Then Theodore Roosevelt ...Read Review

Murder on Black Swan Lane

By Andrea Penrose - Published 2017



In Regency London, the bored Earl of Wrexford conducts scientific experiments and behaves as a debauched rake with beautiful women. The arrogant Reverend ...Read Review

Woman Enters Left

By Jessica Brockmole - Published 2017


Fans of “on the road” stories will love this dual-period novel, which follows two friends, aspiring writer Florrie Daniels and abandoned housewife Ethel ...Read Review

The Sworn Virgin

By Kristopher Dukes - Published 2017


Eleanora is a precocious 18-year-old woman who lives with her father and stepmother in Albania in 1910. Her dream, to study art in Italy, ...Read Review

Devastation Road

By Jason Hewitt - Published 2016Published 2017



As the title suggests, Devastation Road is an intense, often surreal account of a man’s wartime journey and its aftereffects. Owen is ...Read Review

The World of Tomorrow

By Brendan Mathews - Published 2017


This ambitious, sprawling adventure imagines New York City and the 1939 World’s Fair in all its jazzy glory. Mathews, a professor of creative ...Read Review

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