To Taste Temptation

Written by Elizabeth Hoyt
Review by Monica Spence

The unknown situation surrounding her brother’s death during the Battle of Spinner’s Falls in the American colonies haunts Lady Emeline Gordon, a refined English widow and chaperone to young ladies entering Society. Wealthy colonial merchant Samuel Hartley, visiting London, asks Emeline to take his sister as a protégée. She agrees, not only because of the challenges involved, but also because of her fascination with Samuel.

Hartley’s trip to London is not simply for the benefit of his sister, but to seek answers about Spinners Falls—a battle where he believes there was a traitor in the ranks. He must keep Emeline at arms’ length while he investigates, though that becomes impossible. Love blossoms despite past tragedies and self-doubt on the part of the characters.

The first book of this Georgian-set series is part love story, part history, and part fairy tale. The politics and happenings of the day make it a fascinating story. I recommend it!