HNR Issue 45 (August 2008)

Billy Boy

By Jean Mary Flahive - Published 2007


Children/Young AdultMilitary

This is a fictionalized account inspired by the life of the true Billy Laird, the only American Civil War soldier from the state ...Read Review

A Place Beyond Courage

By Elizabeth Chadwick - Published 2007


John FitzGilbert is King’s Marshal to Henry I. His duties are many, including responsibility for the good administration of the court, organising ...Read Review

The Sun King Rises

By Denis Lépée - By Sue Dyson (trans.) - By Yves Jégo - Published 2008



Orphaned Gabriel de Pontbriand has fled the stifling conformity of the country life his uncle has planned for him for the flesh pots ...Read Review

The Hawk

By Peter Smalley - Published 2008



Smalley has been hailed as the heir to those great writers of naval historical fiction, Patrick O’Brian and C.S. Forester. I ...Read Review

Your Scandalous Ways

By Loretta Chase - Published 2008



After her bitter and high-profile society divorce, Francesca Bonnard took revenge on her husband by making herself the most notorious and sought-after courtesan ...Read Review

Hardcastle’s Burglar

By Graham Ison - Published 2008



This is a most enjoyable police procedural, fast paced and easy to follow, an expert piece with a clever subtlety reminiscent of Sherlock ...Read Review

Sister’s Choice

By Judith Pella - Published 2008



It’s 1882, and Maggie Newcomb, just turned eighteen, is determined to win handsome Colby Stoddard for her husband—if, that is, she can ...Read Review

For a Sack of Bones

By Cheryl Morgan (trans.) - By Lluís-Anton Baulenas - Published 2008



Awarded the highest prize in Catalan letters, the Ramon Llull Prize, this somber novel, first published in Spain, tells a tale in the ...Read Review

The Red Scarf

By Kate Furnivall - Published 2008 (UK)Published 2008 (US)


The Red Scarf is an epic tale of survival and hope in Stalinist Russia. It is 1933, and Sofia and Anna have already been ...Read Review

When the Heather Blooms

By Gwen Kirkwood - Published 2008



This novel continues the Pringle family saga set within the farming community near Lockerbie in the Scottish Highlands. Every member of the clan ...Read Review

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