By Christine Purkis - Published 2023


Set in the late 1700s in England, this is the story of a girl who goes from nothing to… well, nothing. Aggie, or ...Read Review

Scarlet Town (Laurence Jago)

By Leonora Nattrass - Published 2023


Research can be a tricky area for writers of historical fiction. Some authors use it to fill out their pages, thickening their text ...Read Review

The Lizzie and Belle Mysteries: Portraits and Poison

By J. T. Williams - By Simone Douglas (illus.) - Published 2023


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

London 1777. Lizzie Sancho, daughter of a teashop owner, and Dido Belle, an heiress living with her aunt and uncle at Kenwood House, have ...Read Review

The Investigators

By Anthony Hill - Published 2023


Biographical FictionNautical

Sir John Franklin is best known for leading the doomed expedition in search of the Arctic Northwest Passage and where he perished in 1847. ...Read Review

Buccaneer (The Molucca Star Quartet)

By Chris Thorndycroft - Published 2023



Set during the golden age of piracy in the Caribbean, Buccaneer is Book 1 in the series, The Molucca Star Quartet, and follows the ...Read Review

The Armour of Light (UK) / The Armor of Light (US) (The Kingsbridge Novels, 5)

By Ken Follett - Published 2023



New technology threatens workers’ jobs, war causes shocking food price inflation, hungry children depend on a free school meal. Welcome to 1792 in Kingsbridge, ...Read Review

Sugar, Slaves and High Society: The Grants of Kilgraston 1750-1860

By Richard Blake - Published 2023



Francis (1746-1818) Grant – ancestor of the author – and his brother John (1740-1793) left Scotland for Nova Scotia and Jamaica. They made a fortune ...Read Review

The Bottle Conjuror

By Jack Gagliardo - By John Kachuba - Published 2023


Historical Fantasy

In the first historical fantasy novel of The Bottle Conjuror series, authors John Kachuba and Jack Gagliardo try to portray a cross-section of ...Read Review

Let the Dead Bury the Dead

By Allison Epstein - Published 2023


Alternate History

In her second novel, Allison Epstein blends the historical and the fabulous with an understated elegance. Set in an alternative pre-Revolutionary St. Petersburg ...Read Review

The Square of Sevens

By Laura Shepherd-Robinson - Published 2023


A girl called Red writes a memoir. It begins in 1730 with her hard, nomadic life as the child of a gypsy fortune teller. ...Read Review

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