Island Queen: A Novel

By Vanessa Riley - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

It is a truth that should be universally acknowledged, that history is written by the winning side – and traditionally our history has been ...Read Review


By Amanda Perez Puentes (illus.) - By Kelly Zekas - By Tarun Shanker - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Eighteenth-century England seems like an unlikely time for a woman bare-knuckle boxer to become a celebrity. Alas, that idea would be wrong, as ...Read Review

The Scot Who Loved Me: A Scottish Treasures Novel

By Gina Conkle - Published 2021



London, 1753. This is the story of widow Anne Neville, English-born and Scottish by marriage. She is determined to help her clans-people by finding ...Read Review


By Eli Brown - By Karin Rytter (illus.) - Published 2021


Alternate HistoryChildren/Young Adult

Brown’s fans have to wait a long time between novels, but each one is worth it. Readers who adored his award-winning “culinary ...Read Review

A Far Distant Land

By David Field - Published 2021



In 1788, with England’s gaols overflowing, the Lady Penrhyn arrives in Australia delivering the first of many women convicts, with the New South ...Read Review

The Darkest Shore

By Karen Brooks - Published 2020


The most famous Scottish witch trials and burnings took place in the late 16th century, but the prejudices and accusations lingered on for ...Read Review

The Silk House

By Kayte Nunn - Published 2021


Three storylines in two timelines make up this evocative tale. In 1768, Rowan, a young maid with a healing gift and the sight, joins ...Read Review

The Elf and the Red Priest

By Liam Sternberg - Published 2021


Venice, 1704: This is the fictionalised story of the violinist Anna Maria della Pietà, (c. 1696-1782) in the years when Antonio Vivaldi was Master ...Read Review

A Dangerous Deal (Ladies of Worth series Book 2)

By Philippa Jane Keyworth - Published 2021



Recently widowed Lady Rachel Denby needs financial security. Confirmed bachelor Viscount Arleigh needs a wife to secure his inheritance. She proposes a deal: ...Read Review

Words to Shape My Name

By Laura McKenna - Published 2021



Based on real-life events, this book starts when an elderly woman, Harriet Small, is given a memoir written nearly sixty years earlier by ...Read Review

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