The Prince’s Women

By Deryn Lake - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Charles Edward Stuart, aka The Young Pretender, aka Bonnie Prince Charlie, was the eldest grandson of the exiled Catholic King James II. As ...Read Review

The Ship’s Carpenter (Tween Sea and Shore)

By D E Stockman - Published 2019



In 1742, peace exists between France and England. Young Abraham Robinson, who injured his hand in an accident, is released as a shipwright at ...Read Review

A Pair of Sharp Eyes

By Kat Armstrong - Published 2019



Young Coronation Avebury takes the coach from Wiltshire to Bristol to start a new life. Because Coronation is blessed with a keen intelligence ...Read Review

Heathcliff: The Lost Years

By DAVID DRUM - Published 2019


In Emily Brontë’s classic novel, speculation swirls around what its hero did in his three years away from Wuthering Heights, and how ...Read Review

First and Before All Things

By Kate Wilby - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

This is the story of the Norwich Bethel, a sanctuary for “lunaticks” founded in 1713 by the enlightened and compassionate Mary Chapman, widow of ...Read Review

The Corpse Played Dead

By Georgina Clarke - Published 2019



Lizzie Hardwicke is a brilliant, educated, and kind sex worker. Seated in a theater with her colleagues, she learns that she is also ...Read Review

The West Indian

By valerie browne lester - Published 2019


Lester’s haunting novel is, in part, the birth story of two infamous Brontë characters: the boy who becomes Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights ...Read Review

The Man Who Discovered Antarctica: Edward Bransfield Explained – The First Man to Find and Chart the Antarctic Mainland

By Sheila Bransfield - Published 2019



Sheila Bransfield researched the life of Edward Bransfield, who commanded the first ship to sight the Antarctic continent in 1819, in the mistaken belief ...Read Review

Mary Toft; or, The Rabbit Queen: A Novel

By Dexter Palmer - Published 2019


Popular 18th-century medical theory espouses the idea that a woman’s mind – what she sees and what her thoughts dwell upon – can have ...Read Review

The Wisdom of Bones

By Kitty Aldridge - Published 2019


London, 1879. Percival Unusual George is a showman. He leads a troupe of nine performing Remarkables. He is driven by a dream of fame ...Read Review

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