To Love and Cherish

Written by Judith Miller Tracie Peterson
Review by Shaylin Montgomery

Melinda Colson has marriage on the brain. Evan Tarlow does not. When a devastating hurricane hits Bridal Veil Island — Evan’s home and the center of Melinda’s dreams — will the ensuing challenges bring the weary lovers together or tear them apart? When Melinda uncovers a dangerous plot, can she trust Evan to help?

Veteran writing team Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller bring the world of Bridal Veil — a fictional island just off the coast of Georgia — to brilliant life in this inspirational tale of love, forgiveness, and faiths set in the late 1890s. Melinda’s independence is often questioned, while Evan battles to maintain control. Women readers in particular will find this situation relatable. Delightfully enigmatic characters fill the island, sharing wit and wisdom — and the power of faith — with our troubled heroine.

Faith is a major theme in this novel. Tragedy often breeds doubt, which can only be overcome by faith — a struggle faced by many characters, especially Melinda. Haunting memories slowly reveal the back story of our two heroes, providing useful insight into certain personality conflicts. A captivating read, To Love and Cherish is a must for any fan of historical Christian fiction. I only wish it didn’t have to end!