The Scoundrel in Her Bed: A Sin for All Seasons Novel

Written by Lorraine Heath
Review by Misty Urban

After she left her ducal groom at the altar in the second Sins for all Seasons book, Lady Lavinia Kent plunged into Victorian Whitechapel to rescue vulnerable children from baby farmers, the remorseless women paid to raise unwanted waifs. Finn, a former waif himself, one of five illegitimate children raised by Ettie Trewlove, is surprised to encounter the earl’s daughter in this rough part of London, since he’s been trying to forget her after she jilted him eight years ago. Troubled Lavinia can’t resist the seductive, noble-hearted Finn—who doesn’t behave the least bit like a scoundrel, either in the present or in the flashbacks that portray their young, consummated love—but her scars and secrets threaten to destroy their fragile reconnection. The book leans hard on the theme that family is unrelated to blood, and the sentimental, soft-focus romance as Finn and Lavinia rediscover one another as adults clashes oddly with both characters’ tendency toward physical violence as conflict resolution. While this third installment of the Trewlove saga is not quite as winning as the previous books, it should be enjoyable enough to tide fans over for brother Aiden’s story, next.