The Merchant’s Mark

Written by Pat McIntosh
Review by Marilyn Sherlock

Augie Morrison had ordered a quantity of books from the Low Countries, planning on keeping some for himself, giving some to his friend, Gil Cunningham, and selling the rest on to the local bookseller, Thomas Webster. When the barrel thought to contain them is opened, it is not books they find. The barrel is full of brine with a bag of treasure at the bottom and a man’s head floating at the top. Who is he, where is the rest of him, to whom does the treasure belong and where are the books? All questions for which Gil has to find the answers. Things get worse when the Provost arrests the widowed Augie Morrison for the murder of the unknown man, and he has to leave his two small daughters in the care of Alys and her sister.

This is the third book in the Gil Cunningham mysteries set in and around Glasgow University at the end of the 15th century. The trail twists and turns and blows hot and cold before all is revealed and the missing books are recovered.