15th Century

The Slaughter Stone

By Anna Boyland - Published 2023


Wales, 1389. When William learns of riches buried on an old farmstead once managed by his late father, he seeks tenancy for it. Unfortunately ...Read Review

At the Court of Broken Dreams

By Laurence Baillie Brown - Published 2022


It is 1460, and the young Edward de-la-Pole rides off to fight for the Yorkists—as Beloved Mama has ordered. Beloved Mama has also ...Read Review

Across So Many Seas

By Ruth Behar - Published 2024


Children/Young Adult

A song, a faith, and an instrument unite four young girls across centuries and continents in Ruth Behar’s tale of the mass ...Read Review

Token of Betrayal (Roses & Rebels Book 1)

By C.V. Lee - Published 2022



Jersey seems like a haven from the turmoil of war until an insider permits the French to seize the island fortress one night ...Read Review

The Princes in the Tower: Solving History’s Greatest Cold Case

By Philippa Langley - Published 2023



Having tackled the mystery of the body of Richard III (1452-1485) missing from Bosworth Field (“My kingdom for a horse”), exhumed him from ...Read Review

South of Sepharad: The 1492 Jewish Expulsion from Spain

By Eric Z. Weintraub - Published 2024


The banishment of Jews from Spain by its Catholic monarchs following their conquest of Granada is given voice in this novel. By 1492, Spain (...Read Review

Tomorrow We Will Know: A Novel of Imperial Constantinople 1453

By Sandra Worth - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

In 1444 CE, Zoe, the vivacious eleven-year-old redhaired daughter of a Greek duke, is already smitten by Prince Constantine, who will later become the ...Read Review

The Red Citadel (The Isaac Alvarez Mysteries, 3)

By Michael Lynes - Published 2023



In The Red Citadel, third in the author’s Isaac Alvarez Mysteries, Michael Lynes continues the story of Isaac Alvarez and his family, ...Read Review

The Lost Prince (The Swords of the White Rose Series, 2)

By Ethan Bale - Published 2023



Sir Giles Ellingham, illegitimate son of Richard III, and Sir John Hawker, a veteran dedicated to Sir Giles, flee Venice by the connivance ...Read Review

The Pomegranate Gate (The Mirror Realm Cycle)

By Ariel Kaplan - Published 2023


Historical Fantasy

In The Pomegranate Gate, Kaplan builds two parallel worlds. One is based on Inquisition-era Spain. The other, the realm of the semi-immortal Maziks, ...Read Review

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