15th Century

The Borgia Confessions

By Alyssa Palombo - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

This is Alyssa Palombo’s fourth novel and, like her first two, this one takes place in Italy. Set during the Renaissance, it ...Read Review

The Empireid

By Ilvario - Published 2019



Subtitled “An Epic Journey in Verse,” this book employs seventeen-line stanzas to re-create the feel of ancient epics like the Iliad and the ...Read Review

Dark Queen Waiting (A Margaret Beaufort Mystery)

By Paul Doherty - Published 2020



In 1471, England is in the hands of the House of York. King Edward IV employs a vast network of spies, assassins, and informants ...Read Review

Medici ~ Ascendancy (Masters of Florence)

By Matteo Strukul - Published 2019


Biographical FictionSaga

Florence, 1429. Giovanni de Medici is dying. His sons Cosimo and Lorenzo gather with the rest of the family at his bedside. The fate ...Read Review

This Son of York

By Anne Easter Smith - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Murderer. Usurper. Hunchback. Richard III is one of the most vilified monarchs in historical memory. Fourth in line for the York English throne, ...Read Review

Winter’s Child

By RJ Hervey - Published 2019


15th-century Florence: In one night, one man destroyed Amadora’s life. Her mentor and father figure: murdered. Herself: violated and left for dead. ...Read Review

A Tapestry of Treason

By Anne O’Brien - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Anne O’Brien’s books seek to give voice to the forgotten women of history, and in A Tapestry of Treason she does ...Read Review

The Measure of a Man: A Novel of Leonardo da Vinci

By Howard Curtis (trans.) - By Katherine Gregor (trans.) - By Marco Malvaldi - Published 2019



In Renaissance Milan, Leonardo da Vinci is in a difficult position. Acknowledged by all as a genius, he has been commissioned by Ludovico “...Read Review

Tudor Dawn

By David Field - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

In this, the first of an anticipated series of six books chronicling the rise and fall of one of England’s most powerful ...Read Review

The Bird King

By G. Willow Wilson - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

The year is 1491, and Granada, the last foothold of Islamic rule in Iberia, is under siege. Food is running short, but the inhabitants ...Read Review

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