The Lords of the Wind (The Saga of Hasting the Avenger)

Written by C.J. Adrien
Review by J. Lynn Else

Reputation is everything. Set during the late 9th century, the legacy of Hasting begins. In this first book of The Saga of Hasting the Avenger series, we journey through one man’s trials and triumphs, starting with his life as a slave boy spanning to his days as a sea captain. As his adventure gets underway, Hasting will come face to face with a mythical god and live to tell the tale. Across stormy seas and into hostile lands, from battles to brotherhoods to betrayals, Hasting is a man who will not soon be forgotten. Because, you see, his reputation has only just begun.

Told in first-person narrative, Hasting’s voice is compelling as it deftly sets the story in motion. What quickly drew me in was the historical richness seeped into every page. The scope was broad as characters travel from the coast of Ireland all the way to the freezing northern fjords. Landscapes and everyday life are fleshed out vividly. Life is hard, supplies aren’t easy to come by, and the people are unapologetically fierce. The only thing this book lacked was a map of Hasting’s world to help illustrate his epic travels. However, it’s clear Adrien has a passion for this time and these peoples. The intricate details and engrossing characters propel the plot forward. If you want to sit down with an extremely well-researched tale involving heroic battles, first loves, and the making of a legend, this book is for you. Recommended.