Independently published

Legionary: The Emperor’s Shield

By Gordon Doherty - Published 2023



The latest book in the Legionary series takes place in the Roman Empire of 386 AD. Although I had not read any of the ...Read Review

The Sea Denied A Sailor

By David Andrew Westwood - Published 2022



Some books rub you up the wrong way initially but grow on you as you persevere. The Sea Denied a Sailor is one ...Read Review

The Calculations of Rational Men

By Daniel Godfrey - Published 2022


Alternate History

In The Calculations of Rational Men, 500 British prisoners are caught in a nuclear disaster in December 1962. Forced into a WWII air raid shelter ...Read Review

A Time to Fight

By John Aubin - Published 2022



Once a grenadier in the Royal Army, Will Sturt returns home to Goudhurst, England, after four years of fighting. Much has changed, but ...Read Review

The Wolf in Winter: An Epic Retelling of the Tristan and Isolde Legend, set in Dark Age Scotland (Volume I of The Trystan Trilogy)

By Barbara Lennox - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

One choice ended Corwynal’s dreams of becoming a famed warrior and the future king of Lothian. When the dying gasp of a ...Read Review

Brethren: Foundation of the Dragon Series: Book 1

By Robb Pritchard - Published 2022



It’s AD 77, and Cadwal’s tribe has been betrayed. During a celebration, his people are drugged by a neighboring tribe, who take ...Read Review

Choices and Secrets

By Sharman Ramsey - Published 2022


Margaret Carter changes from a dumpy, sweaty, overweight 13-year-old into an alluring 17-year-old who succumbs to the attentions of Cameron Marlette, a young ...Read Review

Brushstrokes from the Past (Soli Hansen Mysteries)

By Heidi Eljarbo - Published 2022



A man carrying precious cargo dies an untimely death in a deserted field. Three hundred years later, two women wait on the edge ...Read Review

A Stranger at the Hearth (The Norse Saga of Sigurd)

By Buel - By Katherine - Published 2022


Historical Fantasy

The saga of Sigurd comes alive through Katherine Buel’s impressive research and writing. When a mysterious traveler, Regin (who some whisper is ...Read Review


By Michiel B.L. Korte - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

This novel tells the true story of Ernestine Lambriquet, the ten-year-old daughter of servants at Versailles just before the French Revolution. After the ...Read Review

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