Independently published

Kings of East York

By R. Brian Mackey - Published 2018


Robert MacDougall grows up in mid-20th-century East York, a lower middle-class neighborhood in Canada. His story is about “those seminal events and ...Read Review

An Oxford Murder: A Golden Age Mystery (The Catherine Tregowyn Mysteries)

By G.G. Vandagriff - Published 2019



In this first in Vandagriff’s new sleuthing series set in 1930s Britain, poet Catherine Tregowyn discovers the body of her former professor ...Read Review

An Unspeakable Crime: A Novel of America’s First Courtroom Scandal

By Theresa Lorella - Published 2019



In 1793, the prominent, and intermarried, Randolph family of Virginia is rocked by a scandal: Richard Randolph, owner of the aptly named plantation Bizarre, ...Read Review

Game of Spies (Spies in Love)

By Pamela Mingle - Published 2019



When Isabel Tait is invited to join Mary Queen of Scots’ ladies-in-waiting she jumps at the chance to escape an enforced marriage. Intelligent ...Read Review

The Adventures of Tom Finch, Gentleman

By Lucy May Lennox - Published 2019


Tom Finch, the natural son of a British earl and blind since childhood, makes his living as a broadside composer and music master ...Read Review

Davinia’s Duke: A Regency Romance Novella

By Shannon Donnelly - Published 2019



Years ago, Davinia and Everley shared a kiss, an ‘indiscretion… that almost wrecked their lives.’ Both have moved on: she has married and ...Read Review

Blood In The Valley

By Jean M. Roberts - Published 2019



Blood in the Valley begins with a young woman marrying a fine man and leaving her parents’ home to live in Cherry Valley, ...Read Review

Winter’s Child

By RJ Hervey - Published 2019


15th-century Florence: In one night, one man destroyed Amadora’s life. Her mentor and father figure: murdered. Herself: violated and left for dead. ...Read Review

State of Treason

By Paul Walker - Published 2019



It is 1578 and as usual in this era, plans and conspiracies are afoot and religious differences are never very far away. Walsingham, the ...Read Review

Sofonisba: Portraits of the Soul

By Chiara Montani - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Sofonisba is a biographical novel about Sofonisba Anguissola, who was one of the first women to make a living as an artist in 16...Read Review