Independently published

Agustina de Aragón

By Gail Meath - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Agustina de Aragón tells the story of Agustina Saragossa, a real-life Spanish heroine of the Napoleonic Wars. Agustina, the daughter of a ...Read Review

The Czarina’s Buccaneer

By Michael Regal - Published 2021



1787. Rodion Kazansky, one of the remnants of the Zaporizhian Cossacks after they were disbanded by Catherine the Great, finds himself in need of ...Read Review

The Time Gatherer (The Timegathering Series)

By Rachel Dacus - Published 2020



After spontaneously appearing at a rock concert in 1970, George learns that he has a rare gene that allows him to time travel, known ...Read Review

The Ack-Ack Girl (Love and War)

By Chris Karlsen - Published 2021



Ava Armstrong is staying with friends in London in October 1940 when the house is destroyed in the Blitz. She normally works in a ...Read Review

Emma’s Tapestry

By Isobel Blackthorn - Published 2021


Emma is nursing Adele, a wealthy elderly woman, in her English summer home just as World War II is breaking. Adele is interested ...Read Review

Dark Roads: Book 1 Map Maker

By Bernard Davis - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

Mathew de Quincey, a skilled swordfighter, is hired by William Marshall, the king’s right-hand man. With his apprentice, Will, he travels the ...Read Review

Acts of Dreams: Part 3 of The Inquisition Trilogy

By Martin Elsant - Published 2021


Maria and Will Ames return to England after abandoning their dreams of building a Jewish refuge for victims of the Inquisition in 1572. They ...Read Review

Dangerous Magic (Mr. Darcy’s Magic)

By Monica Fairview - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

Dangerous Magic is a fantasy variation on Pride and Prejudice, set in a world where England is under attack by Napoleon’s mages. ...Read Review

Wilde Wagers

By Elizabeth Caulfield Felt - Published 2021


When Oscar Wilde bets that actress Olivia Snow can deceive guests at a house party into believing that she is wealthy aristocratic beauty ...Read Review

The Other Cipher (Soli Hansen Mysteries)

By Heidi Eljarbo - Published 2020



This artfully told historical mystery is Book Two in the Soli Hansen Mysteries. Autumn 1944—the midst of World War II— and in German-occupied ...Read Review

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