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Beneath the Bonnie Blue Flag: A Novel from the de Melilla Chronicles

By Stephen Estopinal - Published 2021


There are instances when an author’s impressive knowledge about a period is more of a hindrance than a help. Instead of concentrating ...Read Review


By Philip Yorke - Published 2021


Guilt and vengeance prevent Captain Francis Hacker from finding solace from God after his daughters’ murders. As the second year of civil war ...Read Review

Starlight in the Dawn

By Naveen Sridhar - Published 2021


The city of Ur, about 2300 BCE: Sargon the Great rules the Akkadian Empire, and his daughter Enheduanna is the high priestess of Ur. ...Read Review

Absaroka War Chief

By Bryan Ney - Published 2021



James Beckwourth’s name was in the news in 2021, when a wildfire sprang up near the California town named for him. I hadn’...Read Review

The Governor’s Man (A Quintus Valerius Mystery)

By Jacquie Rogers - Published 2021



When Roman Imperial Investigator Quintus Valerius is despatched to investigate the suspected theft of silver, mined in the southwest of what is now ...Read Review

The Dowry

By Ikbal Singh - Published 2020


The Dowry highlights the important anti-dowry abuse campaigns commencing in 1972-73. Commendably, Maya, the protagonist, leads reform campaigns with some assistance from family ...Read Review


By Laura Rahme - Published 2021



Berkshire, 1848. Inspector Maurice Leroux arrives at Alexandra Hall to investigate a series of unexplained deaths: first of Calista herself, a Greek peasant girl ...Read Review

The Lion Ascendant (The van Raveyck series)

By John Biggins - Published 2021


Flemish surgeon’s apprentice Frans Michielszoon van Raveck enters the Polish-Swedish 1626-29 War in the service of King Gustav. Biggins’ “fascination with “the ...Read Review

Blood Feud (Legend of the Cid)

By Stuart Rudge - Published 2020


Much of Hispania in the 11th century is under the domination of Islamic Moors while a few small, squabbling, Christian kingdoms precariously survive ...Read Review

The Thrall: Viking Saga Book I

By Sarah Myers - Published 2021



999 AD. The people of Anglia believed they were safe from Viking raiders—after all, their king had paid a hefty Danegeld to keep ...Read Review

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