Early Medieval (to 1337)

The Bear of Byzantium (Wolves of Odin 2)

By S.J.A. Turney - Published 2022



1041. Harðráði (Harald ‘Hardrada’ Sigurdsson), his second-in-command Valgarðr and the Varangian Guard, the Byzantine emperor’s personal guard, defeat the Bulgars ...Read Review

The Eunuch

By Jonathan Kos-Read - Published 2022



This debut novel, set in Jin Dynasty (12th-century) China, is a unique historical mystery. Most procedurals feature an arbitrary deadline imposed by superiors ...Read Review

Wild Labyrinth (Arrowsmith Trilogy)

By Kate Innes - Published 2021


Watching their son Christopher receive a knighthood along with the Prince of Wales is a solemn event for Sir Richard and Lady Illesa ...Read Review

Imperial Passions: The Great Palace

By Eileen T. Stephenson - Published 2021



In 11th-century Byzantium, John Comnenus comes to power as the second in command of the empire—though it is his ambitious wife, Anna ...Read Review

Conquest (The Medieval Saga Series)

By David Field - Published 2022


In the Saxon village of Sandlake, villagers are going about their lives in the autumn of 1065.  Widow Gwenyth is chasing down her pig ...Read Review

The Castilian Pomegranate (The Castilian Saga Book 2)

By Anna Belfrage - Published 2021


When Robert FitzStephan and his wife, Eleanor (“Noor”), incur the wrath of Eleanor, Queen of England, they are placed in a horrible predicament. ...Read Review

The Book Smuggler

By Omaima Al-Khamis - By Sarah Enany (trans.) - Published 2021



The Book Smuggler follows a young bookseller’s travels and travails in an era when the Muslim Empire spanned three continents, and Muslims ...Read Review

The Bookseller’s Tale (Oxford Medieval Mysteries 1)

By Ann Swinfen - Published 2021Published c2016



Nicholas, his sister Margaret, and his children Alysoun and Rafe are rare survivors of the great pestilence in Oxford that caught his wife ...Read Review

The Lady’s Keeper (The Medieval Ladies Series)

By Coirle Mooney - Published 2022


In 1168, the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine is alive with entertainment and courtiers. Alice has brought her young niece Lady Joanna to the ...Read Review

The Red Fletch (Heroes of Sherwood)

By Margaret McNellis - Published 2021



Alys’s beloved brother, Hob, is joining Robin of Locksley to retake the Holy Lands. Meanwhile, she’s being sent to serve Maid ...Read Review

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