Early Medieval (to 1337)

Queen Macbeth

By Val McDermid - Published 2024


Gruoch, Macbeth’s widowed queen, lives secretly on a small isle in a lowland loch, inseparable from her three lady companions, safeguarded by ...Read Review

The Rest of His Days

By Pamela Taylor - Published 2024


Unsolved mysteries about British royalty continue to make intriguing grist for the fiction writer’s mill. The presumed murder of Edward II was ...Read Review

The Royal Women Who Made England: The Tenth Century in Saxon England

By M. J. Porter - Published 2024



M.J. Porter has written over 50 fiction titles on Saxon England, and she says that she wrote this, her first non-fiction book, out ...Read Review

The Sea’s Edge: The Atheling Chronicles: #4

By Garth Pettersen - Published 2023


Biographical FictionSaga

The year is 1030 when Harald, the second son of Engla-lond’s ruler, King Cnute, is tasked with a mission that will take him ...Read Review

Battle Lord (The Wulfbury Chronicles, 2)

By P. W. Finch - Published 2024



Nearly a thousand years ago, England endured its last invasion. After the chaos of Senlac Ridge, Cerdic, who is a young scion of ...Read Review

Esperanza’s Way

By Historium Press - Published 2023


Book two of the Seekers Series follows Esperanza, an orphan taken in by two healers who run an herbal shop on the Camino ...Read Review

Rose Girl

By Holly Payne - Published 2023



In 1256, a woman gives birth in a monastery deep in the Rila mountains. Ivan, a young friar, is the only witness. Roses do ...Read Review

The Lionheart’s Bride (Berengaria of Navarre Medieval Trilogy)

By Austin Hernon - Published 2023


AdventureBiographical Fiction

This 12th-century historical adventure follows Princess Berengaria on her quest to catch up with and marry Richard I, King of England, as he ...Read Review

A Past Unearthed (Legends of the Condor Heroes)

By Gigi Chang (trans.) - By Jin Yong - Published 2023



This novel is a continuation of the wuxia (martial arts) series by the bestselling Chinese author, Jin Yong. The series follows the adventures ...Read Review

The Fate of a King (The Road to Hastings, 3)

By K. M. Ashman - Published 2023



January 1066, Rouen, Normandy, and Earl Tostig Godwinson, exiled from England, seeks vengeance. His mission is to depose his brother, the recently crowned King ...Read Review

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