Early Medieval (to 1337)

The Unseen (The Sufi Mysteries Quartet)

By Laury Silvers - Published 2021



10th-century Baghdad. The body of a murdered man is found, his wounds seemingly identical to those suffered by the martyr Abbas ibn Ali ...Read Review

Her Castilian Heart (The Castilian Saga)

By Anna Belfrage - Published 2022



This third novel in the Castilian Saga follows King Edward I’s loyal man-at-arms, Robert FitzStephan, the illegitimate, unacknowledged son of a baron; ...Read Review

My Lady’s Shadow

By Coirle Mooney - Published 2022


Set in late 12th-century France, this is the third installment in the Medieval Ladies series. Lady Maria of Turenne is a fickle young ...Read Review

Strike the Zither (Kingdom of Three, 1)

By Joan He - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

In the year 414 of the Xin Dynasty, three major factions struggle for control of a fictional version of China in this retelling of ...Read Review

The Wistful and the Good (Cuthbert’s People)

By G. M Baker - Published 2022


Northumbria, 793: A thegn’s daughter, fifteen-year-old Elswyth, has been betrothed since infancy to Drefan, ealdorman of Bamburgh. Much depends on that marriage, including ...Read Review

Knight’s Pawn

By A. L. Kucherenko - Published 2022


In 1066, Alaric supports Duke William’s claim to the Englelond throne, even though his family is siding with the Saxon king, Harold Godwinson. ...Read Review

Tremors through Time

By Anastasia Abboud - Published 2022



Lachlann An Damh, a farmer in 14th-century Scotland, has just lost his family to the plague when an earthquake sends him scrambling. Deidre ...Read Review

The Ring Breaker

By Jean Gill - Published 2022



This story is set in the 12th century, when Viking and Christian culture overlapped in the Norse world, some of it based on ...Read Review

Wolf of Mercia

By M. J. Porter - Published 2022



Saxon England, 830 AD: the continuing story of Icel, a healer at heart but a soldier by compulsion. Wolf of Mercia is the second ...Read Review

Bound by Honor (The Clan Donald Saga)

By Regan Walker - Published 2022



This second volume in the author’s history of the Clan Donald in Scotland is set in the era of Robert Bruce—from ...Read Review

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