9th Century

Whispers of the Runes

By Christina Courtenay - Published 2021



In 2021, Sara Mattsson, a York silversmith, pulls a seax – a short sword – from an archaeological dig. She reads its runic inscription and is ...Read Review

The Raider Bride

By Johanna Wittenberg - Published 2021


Norway, 822 AD. Ragnhild fought a war to avoid being married off by her father like a peace cow to an Irish king. After ...Read Review

Viking (Two Kings Trilogy, Book 1)

By Ole Åsli - By Tony Bakkejord - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Book One in the Two Kings Trilogy begins in Northumbria, 841 CE, with a Viking raid on an English village. The destitute village has ...Read Review

Tempted by Her Viking Enemy

By Terri Brisbin - Published 2020



This story, Book Five in the multi-authored Sons of Sigurd series, is set in 9th-century Scotland. Beautiful widow Katla Thorfinnsdottir was abused by ...Read Review

The Falcon Queen (The Norsewomen)

By Johanna Wittenberg - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

Norway, 9th century. Asa has won back her home, but her warriors are few, and the spring promises raiding parties led by men ...Read Review

In the Shadow of the Beast (The Saga of Hasting the Avenger)

By C.J. Adrien - Published 2020


Around the 840s AD, an island called Vindreyland off the coast of Amorica, the part of Gaul between the Seine and Loire rivers, ...Read Review

The Nun’s Betrothal

By Ida Curtis - Published 2020


The nun referred to in the title is young, beautiful Gilda, who has not yet taken her vows. It’s a good thing, ...Read Review

Place of Repose: St Cuthbert’s Last Journey

By Katharine Tiernan - Published 2020


Place of Repose is Katharine Tiernan’s second novel in a trilogy focused on the period in the history of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria which ...Read Review

The Emir’s Trace: An Apulian Novel

By Ursula Janssen - Published 2019


After her uncle’s death, German historian Lia Winter decides to travel to Italy to spend some time with relatives there. Lia stays ...Read Review

The Everlasting

By Katy Simpson Smith - Published 2020



Andiamo a Roma! We’ll visit the Eternal City four times in Katy Simpson Smith’s brilliant new novel The Everlasting, set in ...Read Review

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