9th Century

The Nun’s Betrothal

By Ida Curtis - Published 2020


The nun referred to in the title is young, beautiful Gilda, who has not yet taken her vows. It’s a good thing, ...Read Review

Place of Repose: St Cuthbert’s Last Journey

By Katharine Tiernan - Published 2020


Place of Repose is Katharine Tiernan’s second novel in a trilogy focused on the period in the history of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria which ...Read Review

The Emir’s Trace: An Apulian Novel

By Ursula Janssen - Published 2019


After her uncle’s death, German historian Lia Winter decides to travel to Italy to spend some time with relatives there. Lia stays ...Read Review

The Everlasting

By Katy Simpson Smith - Published 2020



Andiamo a Roma! We’ll visit the Eternal City four times in Katy Simpson Smith’s brilliant new novel The Everlasting, set in ...Read Review

Wolf of Wessex

By Matthew Harffy - Published 2020



To anyone who is a follower of Matthew Harffy’s Bernicia Chronicles, The Wolf of Wessex is a significant departure, although it retains ...Read Review

The Lords of the Wind (The Saga of Hasting the Avenger)

By C.J. Adrien - Published 2019



Reputation is everything. Set during the late 9th century, the legacy of Hasting begins. In this first book of The Saga of Hasting ...Read Review

The Warrior with the Pierced Heart (Shadow of the Raven)

By Chris Bishop - Published 2018



This second book in The Shadow of the Raven series is told in the first person by Mathew, the second son of a ...Read Review

She Wolf

By Dan Smith - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

It is the year 866 and a young Dane, Ylva (meaning ‘she-wolf’), finds herself orphaned in the strange land of Northumbria, after witnessing her ...Read Review

The Golden Wolf

By Linnea Hartsuyker - Published 2019



The Golden Wolf is a 9th-century Viking saga spanning across the regions of Norway to Iceland. This is the final book in The ...Read Review

The Office of Gardens and Ponds

By Didier Decoin - Published 2019



Set in Heian Japan, the book gives us two startlingly opposed worldviews – the imperial court is described in all its effete, rigid, exquisite ...Read Review

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