The Kingdom of Bones

Written by Stephen Gallagher
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Tom Sayers, a former boxer and a member of a British theater troupe, is accused of the serial murders of several children in the late 19th century. Detective Inspector Sebastian Becker is soon on his trail. Set up by the killer, Sayers eventually learns his identity and attempts to stop the murders to clear his name. With the help of his friend Bram Stoker, he enters a world of the supernatural and the occult.

With the murderer still eluding capture after several years, the manhunt continues in the United States as Sayers’s former theater troupe travels from town to town. Then he learns that the killer has exchanged its soul for eternal life. Becker eventually captures Sayers, but then joins forces with him in trying to stop the killer.

I found this novel to be a well-written thriller and a page-turner. Gallagher did a marvelous job creating believable characters while keeping me on the edge of my seat. Known for his suspense stories, directing and screenwriting, Gallagher will lead you on a merry chase with a surprise ending. If you enjoy a combination of mystery, horror and suspense, this novel will definitely keep you awake at night.