The Golden Wolf

Written by Linnea Hartsuyker
Review by Linnea Tanner

The Golden Wolf is a 9th-century Viking saga spanning across the regions of Norway to Iceland. This is the final book in The Golden Wolf Saga trilogy centered on King Harald and his trusted advisor, Ragnvald, and can be read as a stand-alone novel. Ragnvald and his sister, Svanhild, work tirelessly to preserve peace in Norway under King Harald’s sovereignty. The harmony of the kingdom is threatened with insurrection and the reckless actions of King Harald’s and Ragnvald’s sons seeking to forge their own legacies. After Svanhild’s estranged daughter, Freydis, is taken hostage, the uneasy peace ignites into warfare, pitting brother against brother and father against son on brutal battlefields. Ragnvald and his family suffer great losses to fulfill the prophecy that King Harald will unite Norway. But the next generation finds new loyalties, love, and healing in the tragic aftermath as they embrace their own fates.

Author Hartsuyker transports readers to the ancient world of legendary Vikings with vivid storytelling. The multiple characters are fully developed and engaging, particularly the young teen mother Freydis, who courageously rises from tragic events to profoundly impact the lives of her family. Each of the characters’ stories seamlessly weave together to create a rich narrative culminating in a heartfelt and poignant ending. The masterfully written epic tale has elements of political intrigue, romance, sacrifice, betrayal, and adventure.

The Golden Wolf is a compelling conclusion to the trilogy. The rich tapestry of characters and their interweaving stories capture the mystique and heart of Norse and Icelandic legends. It is highly recommended for readers who enjoy in-depth layers of historical epics in the Middle Ages.