In the Shadow of the Empress: The Defiant Lives of Maria Theresa, Mother of Marie Antoinette, and Her Daughters

By Nancy Goldstone - Published 2021



Maria Theresa—Holy Roman Empress, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, Archduchess of Austria—was one of Europe’s greatest leaders of the 18th ...Read Review

Palace of the Drowned

By Christine Mangan - Published 2021



It’s 1966, and more than a decade has passed since Frances (Frankie) Croy’s debut novel captured the London literary world; failure has ...Read Review


By Michael Farris Smith - Published 2021


In his new novel, Smith imagines the back story of Nick Carraway, narrator of Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby. Exquisitely written, the ...Read Review

Loretta Little Looks Back: Three Voices Go Tell It

By Andrea Davis Pinkney - By Brian Pinkney (illus.) - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

This marvelous creation is more than a novel. It is a “page-to-stage” narrative, magicked out of family stories and American history and narrated ...Read Review

Jeeves and the Leap of Faith: A Novel in Homage to P. G. Wodehouse

By Ben Schott - Published 2020


Jeeves and the Leap of Faith is Ben Schott’s second romp through the setting and characters created by P. G. Wodehouse, starring ...Read Review

The Pull of the Stars

By Emma Donoghue - Published 2020



This novel is set in Dublin during the Halloween of 1918. Nurse Julia Power finds herself solely in charge of a temporary ward in ...Read Review

We Germans: A Novel

By Alexander Starritt - Published 2020



This novella comprises a long letter written by a German grandfather, Meissner, to his Scottish grandson, Callum. On a visit, seventeen months in ...Read Review

The Testimony of Alys Twist

By Suzannah Dunn - Published 2020


This is very much a novel which demonstrates the experience and perspective of history from below. Royalty, in this case Queen Mary the ...Read Review

Midnight Atlanta (Darktown)

By Thomas Mullen - Published 2020



This is a revelatory historical novel that speaks directly to the language of today. We follow Tommy Smith, an ex-cop turned reporter, who ...Read Review

The Enigma Game

By Elizabeth Wein - Published 2020


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Wein returns to her ever-increasing cadre of young pilots, spies, and support crew in this additional prequel to her award-winning World War II ...Read Review