The Girl with the Silver Clasp

Written by Juliet Greenwood
Review by Clare Lehovsky

This novel is about how society was changed forever by the First World War. Jess Morgan, an aspiring silversmith, is forced to work as a seamstress to make ends meet once the postwar world tries to return to a new normal. As she tries to pursue her passion, she meets women along the way who are like her in that they are navigating both their old and new identities. Greenwood allows the reader to follow each character with an invested interest while they are attempting to make a life for themselves. The Great War did not just affect the men and the women who went out to the front; it also affected people at home who found that their businesses were struggling to survive due to the changes that conflict brings. Additionally, the Cornish landscape turns out to be a character in this spellbinding novel, as all the characters are connected to it in some way, and it brings out their true personalities. The stories of war refugees are present in this tale to demonstrate how true kindness can make a difference. An enchanting read, this novel will remain with you long after you reach the last chapter.