Madame Livingstone: The Great War in the Congo

By Barly Baruti - By Christophe Cassiau-Haurie - By Ivanka Hahnenberger (trans.) - Published 2021


Based in reality, this dark graphic novel, both linguistically and pictorially, details a portion of the oft-forgotten colonial wars in East Africa during ...Read Review

The War Nurse

By Tracey Enerson Wood - Published 2021


Julie Stimson is Superintendent of Nurses at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis in April 1917 when she is asked on short notice to develop ...Read Review

Emma’s Tapestry

By Isobel Blackthorn - Published 2021


Emma is nursing Adele, a wealthy elderly woman, in her English summer home just as World War II is breaking. Adele is interested ...Read Review

The Bohemians

By Jasmin Darznik - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

In her second novel, Darznik presents a shimmering portrait of little-known histories: that of an iconic American photographer, a culture, and a city, ...Read Review

The Post Office Girls

By Poppy Cooper - Published 2021



Beth Healey, twin sister to Ned and younger sister of Sally, works in her parents’ grocery store in Woodhampstead in Hertfordshire.   It is 1915, ...Read Review

Haunted Border

By Patrick Dearen - Published 2021



It is Christmas Day, 1917, on the Cross-C Ranch, owned by Jake Graves, a 63-year-old ex-Ranger. Jake learns that his daughter Drucilla is sweet ...Read Review

Under the Light of the Italian Moon

By Jennifer Anton - Published 2021



Spring 1923. Nina Argenta marries the man of her dreams, Pietro Pante. Despite their loving union, duty to their families will keep them apart. ...Read Review

The Point of Vanishing

By Maryka Biaggio - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

The writer Barbara Follett’s life is told in this biographical novel, beginning at the age of four in 1918 until her disappearance in 1939. ...Read Review

At Summer’s End

By Courtney Ellis - Published 2021


Alberta Preston, an unknown aspiring artist in 1922 England, enters a competition as “Bertie,” hoping the assumption would be that she is a “he.” ...Read Review

The Ice Swan

By J'nell Ciesielski - Published 2021


Inspirational Romance

In 1917 Petrograd, Russia, while “the night burned red with flames of revolution,” Princess Svetlana, her mother, and sister flee the city. They are ...Read Review