Wages of Empire

By Michael J. Cooper - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

Cooper focuses on the beginning of World War I, 1914, especially the developing conflict in the Middle East. The central fictional character is young, ...Read Review

Danger of Defeat (Home Front Detective)

By Edward Marston - Published 2023



The tenth in the Home Front Detective series, this story is set in London in 1918. Inspector Harvey Marmion is called to attend a ...Read Review

The Riven Heart of Moscow

By Mikhail Osorgin - By Svetlana Payne (trans.) - Published 2023



Mikhail Osorgin (1878-1942) was a Russian writer who settled in Paris after the Revolution. His best-known work, published in Russian as Sivtsev Vrazhek (...Read Review


By Anne Michaels - Published 2024



The publisher’s blurb calls Held a “breathtaking and ineffable” novel, and it is. There is a dreamlike quality to this multi-decade, multi-generational ...Read Review

Salonika Burning

By Gail Jones - Published 2022



The novel opens with harrowing scenes of the great fire sweeping through Salonika in 1917. It destroys two-thirds of the ancient city and leaves ...Read Review

Death on the Lusitania (Patrick Gallagher, 1)

By R. L. Graham - Published 2024



In 1915, the luxurious ocean liner RMS Lusitania sets sail from New York to Europe, where war is raging. A passenger is discovered shot ...Read Review

Snapshots from Home

By Sasha Wasley - Published 2023


It is 1917. Edie Stark is grateful for the opportunity to escape her tyrannical and bigoted father, Frederick, when she takes up a teaching ...Read Review

The Witch’s Daughter

By Imogen Edwards-Jones - Published 2023


This follow-up to Edwards-Jones’ The Witches of St Petersburg continues the story of Grand Duchess Militza Nikolayevna and her sister Grand Duchess Anastasia. ...Read Review

The Warm Hands of Ghosts

By Katherine Arden - Published 2024


Historical Fantasy

There are myriad novels that depict the horrors of World War I, but Arden has come up with a new and mesmerizing approach. ...Read Review

The Story Collector

By Iris Costello - Published 2024


There are three main narrative strands to this novel: a German baker, Katerina, in London’s East End in 1915 who develops a skill ...Read Review

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