The House of Whispers

By Anna Mazzola - Published 2023


Rome 1938. From the first time she meets Dante Cavallera, piano teacher Eva Valenti is fascinated by the good-looking widower, father of her newest ...Read Review

The Ballroom Blitz

By Anton Du Beke - Published 2022


Bombs are falling on London, the blackout is in full swing, and Londoners are making for the shelters as soon as the sirens ...Read Review

A Marriage of Fortune

By Anne O’Brien - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

1467, and the Paston household in Norwich is rocked by crisis. As more crises occur, the book delves into the hearts and minds of ...Read Review

Marion Lane and the Deadly Rose

By T. A. Willberg - Published 2022



London, 1959. In this the second of Willberg’s Marion Lane novels, she and her colleagues in Miss Brickett’s agency investigate the most ...Read Review

One Night with the Duke (Belmore Square)

By Jodi Ellen Malpas - Published 2022



England 1816. Feisty, outspoken Eliza Melrose, 19, rails against the sexual inequalities of the time, specifically that men can choose their spouse whereas she cannot. ...Read Review

A Daughter’s Hope: Book 3 in the Yorkshire Blitz Trilogy

By Donna Douglas - Published 2022



Douglas focuses primarily on twin sisters Maudie and Sybil Maguire in the city of Hull, who have joined the WAAFs in the Second ...Read Review


By Ben Kane - Published 2022



This book is the third in the Lionheart series, and possibly the last. Again, Irish-born Ferdia/Rufus and his man Rhys are major ...Read Review

What Time is Love?

By Holly Williams - Published 2022


What if two people, born at exactly the same minute, on the same day, in the same year, but miles apart socially and ...Read Review

A Wedding for the Biscuit Factory Girls

By Elsie Mason - Published 2022



“You gave us away. You got rid of us because you decided you didn’t want us anymore. Get out.” Mavis Kendrick has ...Read Review

The Girl with the Silver Clasp

By Juliet Greenwood - Published 2021



This novel is about how society was changed forever by the First World War. Jess Morgan, an aspiring silversmith, is forced to work ...Read Review

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