The Generals

Written by Simon Scarrow
Review by Mike Ashworth

The Generals is the second in Simon Scarrow’s quartet of novels focusing on Wellington and Napoleon. The book opens in 1796 with both men beginning to make their mark. Arthur Wellesley as commander of the 33rd Regiment of Foot is sent to India, where his skill and bravery make a deep impression on his political and military superiors. Napoleon likewise seizes his opportunities for advancement as Commander of the Army of Italy, and then the Army of Egypt, before returning to France to engineer his rise to power as the leader of his country.

As with all Mr Scarrow’s books this novel is well researched, although the author admits that he has had to “bend the history and tweak time” in order to satisfy the needs of the novel. It has to be said this has not detracted from the quality of the story. Both Wellington and Napoleon are extraordinary historical characters, and this book continues to tell their story in a way which is engrossing and enjoyable. I look forward to reading the third in the series. Recommended.