The Devouring

Written by James R. Benn
Review by Susan McDuffie

1944: American Billy Boyle and his Polish friend Kaz are sent to Switzerland to work with the Office of Strategic Services. The OSS is investigating the laundering of looted Nazi gold, some from concentration camps, by Swiss banks. But the mission does not go smoothly. Forced down in occupied France, Billy and Kaz struggle to reach the border of neutral Switzerland, encountering some unusual allies on the trip. Among them is an embittered Romany marksman who delights in killing Nazis. Once they arrive in Bern, Billy and Kaz find other friends and enemies—hardly anyone is truly neutral in this small country, even at the offices of the Red Cross.

This, the twelfth in the series, is the first Billy Boyle novel I have read. The backstory was well-woven into the novel and allowed me to seamlessly enter Benn’s vision of WWII. The pace is fast and the plot intrigues. This hero’s journey, enriched with accurate, little-known historical detail, fascinates and enthralls. Recommended.