HNR Issue 83 (February 2018)

The Bookworm – A Novel

By Mitch Silver - Published 2018Published 2018-03-05



For the novelist, history is full of “what if?” What if Anne Boleyn had a son who lived? What if Lee had bypassed ...Read Review

Rome’s Sacred Flame

By Robert Fabbri - Published 2018



Rome, AD 63. Vespasian has been made Governor of Africa. However, this is no reward for faithful service by an increasingly unpredictable Emperor Nero. ...Read Review

Virtue: The Sons of Scotland, Book One

By Victoria Vane - Published 2017



This is a love story set in Scotland in the middle of the 12th century. Alexander, raised as a foundling at a monastery, ...Read Review

Reign of the Marionettes

By Sheena MacLeod - Published 2016


This historically charged novel takes place during the late 17thcentury counter-reformation under Charles II. The Duke of York, his heir, has converted to ...Read Review

To Wager Her Heart

By Tamera Alexander - Published 2017



Unable to move past the train wreck that killed her fiancé, Alexandra Jamison faces the untenable choice of accepting her father’s choice ...Read Review

The Contraband Shore

By David Donachie - Published 2017



Royal Navy Captain Edward Brazier has reason to be pleased with life, even though he has no ship at present under his command. ...Read Review

The Man Upon the Stair

By Gary Inbinder - Published 2018



The third installment of Gary Inbinder’s Inspector Lefebvre series begins in Paris in 1890 with the execution the anarchist and terrorist, Moreau. Recently ...Read Review

Savage Country

By Robert Olmstead - Published 2017



It’s 1873, and the vast American West is a place of wondrous untamed natural beauty and unrestrained violence. Elizabeth Coughlin, a lovely widow ...Read Review

Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers

By Sara Ackerman - Published 2018


There’s an intriguing mystery from the outset in Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers: readers know that young Ella knows something about ...Read Review

Lizzie’s War

By Rosie Clarke - Published 2017


The setting of this novel is WW2, but the chief character also has her own personal struggles. The action centres on Lizzie, the ...Read Review

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