The Black Rocks of Morwenstow

Written by John Wilcox
Review by Mike Ashworth

1842. Joshua Weyland is languishing in Key West, Florida. After two years away, he is desperate to return to his fiancée in England. He ships on a small brig bound for Bristol, from where he can travel to Dover to be reunited with his love. The ship founders on rocks off the coast of Cornwall, and Joshua is the only survivor. Convinced that the ship has been deliberately wrecked, he determines to find out who is responsible for this criminal deed. His questions only arouse hostility in the local villages, and when warnings—both friendly advice and physical assault—do not work, he finds himself accused of murder. When the worst storm of the year erupts from the Atlantic, Joshua finds himself in a fight for his life as he seeks to reveal the shocking truth.

John Wilcox is the author of the successful Simon Fonthill series, and he brings to this standalone novel the same eye for detail and historical fact which has made those so popular. The characters are well-drawn, and life on the Cornish coast comes alive. A rip-roaring read of smuggling, wrecking and a stubborn search for the truth. Recommended.