Allison & Busby

The Lost Daughter

By Sylvia Broady - Published 2018Published 2019


Set in Hull, East Yorkshire, in 1930, Broady tells the story of Alice Goddard, a woman fleeing domestic violence at the hands of her ...Read Review

Murder at the Fitzwilliam (The Museum Mysteries)

By Jim Eldridge - Published 2018



Cambridge 1894, and Daniel Wilson, formerly a detective inspector with London’s Metropolitan Police, is now working as a private investigator after the leaving ...Read Review

The Yearning Heart

By Sylvia Broady - Published 2018



This novel is a curl-up-on-the-sofa read for lovers of historical romance. In war-time Britain, sixteen-year old Frances is forced into an intimate one-night ...Read Review

The Outrageous Fortune of Abel Morgan

By Cynthia Jefferies - Published 2018


The book opens with Abel’s mother lying dead in childbirth. Half-mad with grief, his father Christopher takes what he believes is the ...Read Review

A Respectable Woman

By Susanna Bavin - Published 2018


Lancashire in the early 1920s, and Nell struggles to make a living for herself after losing her family in the Great War. When ...Read Review

Fugitive from the Grave (Bow Street Rivals)

By Edward Marston - Published 2018



London, 1817. This is the fourth in Edward Marston’s The Bow Street Rivals series. The private detectives, twins Peter and Paul Skillen, are ...Read Review

The Great Darkness

By Jim Kelly - Published 2018



1939 Cambridge, England. It is the first night of the blackout – The Great Darkness, in what is still the Phoney War. Detective Inspector Eden ...Read Review

The Magpie Tree

By Katherine Stansfield - Published 2018



1844 on Bodmin Moor. Anna Drake wants to set up her own detective agency at a time when this service was very new and ...Read Review

The Black Silk Purse

By Margaret Kaine - Published 2018



I thoroughly enjoyed The Black Silk Purse. Set in Edwardian England on the brink of suffrage, the novel follows the lives of three ...Read Review

Tapestry of War

By Jane MacKenzie - Published 2018


June 1941, Alexandria. World War II is dragging on, and the British and their allies seem to be incapable of stopping Rommel’s advance. ...Read Review

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