HNR Issue 79 (February 2017)

The Chosen Maiden

By Eva Stachniak - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

In her fifth novel, Eva Stachniak tells the story of real-life dancers Bronia Nijinska and Vaslav Nijinsky, siblings who took the world of ...Read Review

A Hope at the End of the World

By D.W. Lovett (trans.) - By Sarah Lark - Published 2017


In 1944, with WWII raging, two Polish orphans, 16-year-old Luzyna and 19-year-old Helena, are surviving in the relative safety of a refugee camp in ...Read Review

Shadow of the Storm

By Connilyn Cossette - Published 2016



Book 2 of Connilyn Cossette’s Out of Egypt series opens at the foot of Mount Sinai, where the Hebrews are living in freedom ...Read Review

Robbing the Pillars

By Kalen Vaughan Johnson - Published 2017



In 1851, James MacLaren, along with his family, the widowed Althea Albright, and her son Justin, flee from Scotland and head for the California ...Read Review

Closed Casket

By Sophie Hannah - Published 2016



Sophie Hannah has undertaken the formidable task of reintroducing Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot into the crime-solving world. Closed Casket is her second ...Read Review

Betrayal: The Centurions I

By Anthony Riches - Published 2017



68 AD, a time of turmoil in the Roman Empire. Nero has committed suicide, and Galba has taken the throne. Galba dismisses the incorruptible ...Read Review

Fire of the Word

By Carol Pratt Bradley - Published 2016


Biographical FictionInspirational

Sixteenth-century England is in turmoil. In London, Henry VIII has declared himself as head of the church, and Catholics are punished if they ...Read Review

Love and Gravity

By Samantha Sotto - Published 2016



Eminent 17th-century scientist Sir Isaac Newton never married, and he reportedly wasn’t romantically involved with anyone. What if that wasn’t true? ...Read Review

The Riviera Set 1920-1960: The Golden Years of Glamour and Excess

By Mary S. Lovell - Published 2016



The Riviera Set details the lives and loves of the jet-setting scene on the French Riviera from the late 1920s through the 1950s. ...Read Review

An Unjust Judge

By Cora Harrison - Published 2017



This is the fourteenth Burren mystery, set in western Ireland during the reign of Henry VIII. It features as sleuth Mara, the Brehon ...Read Review

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