The Adventuress

Written by Tasha Alexander

Lady Emily, an amateur sleuth, and her agent husband join their friend Jeremy, the Duke of Bainbridge, to celebrate his engagement to American heiress, Amity Wells, in Victorian-era Cannes, France. Emily at first doesn’t care for Amity, thinking her false and shallow. One evening Jeremy’s close friend is found in the duke’s room, dead. Strychnine is discovered in a bottle of whisky. Suicide, though the man was nothing but congenial, is the verdict. Emily suspects it might be murder, but no one believes her. Strange accidents happen as the group tours through the Riviera, and Emily begins to consider that Jeremy was the intended victim, not his friend. She is tricked with false messages, all meant to discredit her. Someone is also trying to “prove” that Emily and Jeremy are lovers. Another murder occurs and Emily is lured to dangerous sites. Could it be Amity’s odd brother who is behind these incidents?

The novel is a fun read with interesting twists. The villain needed more foreshadowing to show such an evil capacity, and I’d have liked to have known the first victim better before he died. Another lively entry in this mystery series.